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Summer Week 1 - due 25.04.17  (30 minutes is expected but you can do more)


This week there is a sheet on negative numbers involving going up and down a lift! Have fun.

In addition to the Home Learning, a times table task will also be sent home.  The expectation is that this will be done as well.


Summer Week 2 - due 02.05.17  (30 minutes is expected but you can do more)


This week we have been looking at decimal numbers up to two places.  The home learning looks at decimals in the context of money.  A times table activity has also been sent home.


Summer Week 3 - due 09.05.17  (30 minutes is expected but you can do more)


This week we have been focusing on multiplication and mental strategies.  Home learning looks at 'multipligons' - puzzles involving multiplication.  This involves a lot of times table work so the 2 elements are combines this week with no separate times table sheet.  Answers can be done on the sheet.  (There are 48 puzzles so don't feel they all need to be done - as usual we expect at least 30 mins of work.)

Summer Week 4 - Area and Perimeter

Summer Week 5 - Due 23.05.17


  1. For home learning this week I have set an Abacus online activity called ‘Robot Blaster’. The children will need to use their knowledge of place value to add and subtract 0.1 or 0.01 from decimals.
  2. Times table excercise

Summer Week 7  - Due 13.06.17


This week's home learning is all about factors.  Please choose section A, B or C from the sheet.  Please answer on the squared paper on the reverse side of the questions.


In addition you will find a times table task attached

Summer Week 9  Due: 27.06.17


This weeks home learning consists of a task related to formal methods of addition and subtraction.  There are also additional times table sheets to be completed.

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