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100 Word Stories

Our 100 Word Stories


Here are a selection of the fantastic 100 word stories you did..

The Sleeping Dog


As I trundled my way back from school, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a small dog on the ground, hurt probably. As I scooped it up in my arms it squirmed around trying to get comfortable. I walked quickly into my house and shouted “Mum! Help! I found an injured dog on the street lying down on its back.” As I said this my mum came running out of the kitchen. She took the dog from my arms and carefully placed it on the warm kitchen floor. It curled up and went to sleep.


By Ben

The Creature


It was late, and the only sound was the ticking of my wristwatch. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to doze off. It wasn’t working. The day before, I had heard of the sighting of a terrifying creature, with a smirking, wide mouth, and mucky clothes with jet-black hair. My mind was spinning, thinking about the gruesome thing. That’s when I heard it… a deep mumbling noise coming from my bedroom window… I reached for my cabinet, where the phone was to call 999, but didn’t get there in time. ‘HELP,’ I screamed with fear…


By Mia

The Very Snowy snowman


There was once a snowman. He lived in Alaska in the garden of a family. His name was Ice-ac (though his friends call him Isaac for short). It was his built day. He decided to go for a walk in the forest for a treat since snowmen can only walk on their built days. The snow had all gone in the forest. Lonely, he wondered off. However, Isaac was no ordinary snowman. Unlike the others. He covered the floor in snow when he walked over it. He was the one and only...Snowy celeb...The Very Snowy Snowman.


By Toby

The Taxi


As I neared the end of my journey, I felt the taxi driver watching my every move. I decided to end the drive early and walk the rest of the way home. I watched the taxi drive into the distance, I looked around the streets were silent no one was out. I carried on walking until I saw my favourite clothes shop. Just one look I thought. I looked closely and saw a shadowy reflection across the street. I turned around but no one was there I turned back around to see the taxi driver staring at me.


By Eva

Yoda Came for Tea!


Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the door to a little green dude called Yoda. ‘’I’m hungry’’ he said ‘’Can I have a sandwich?’’

‘’Come in’’ I exclaimed.

Suddenly the bread moved with his mind power, and then sliced it with his saber!

I opened the fridge and out he flew the butter, ham and pickle too!

The sandwich was made with the force, and he also kindly made me one.

It was awesome to see the powers he has.

‘’Goodbye’’ he whispered and he left.

Will he send Chewbacca next?, I hope so!


By Josh



Delicious smells wafted into our tunnel city rousing my fellow soldiers. Receiving our orders, we charged into the open land. Sighting a striped flyer dying, soon to be a meal for the larva and a present to our queen. We attacked, till it had no more energy to spare. We gashed its head off leaking fresh inside juices everywhere giving us extra energy to carry the head and abdomen up the stone wall. We went through the city entrance lifting them above our heads and dragging them through the complex tunnels to her forbidden chambers. Our queen was pleased.


By Belle

Eddie's story



Once there lived a mouse called Jeff. He lived in a beautiful country house (made a hole there) and became mates with the house cat Dave. But there was very big problem... He was hungry. After moving in he found so much lovely mouldy cheese in the food waste he became intolerant to any normal mouse food. After days without any food whatsoever he saw something. A bit of cheese lying on the floor. Victory! As he went to get it the housemaid picked it up and threw it out the window. NOOOOOOO! Jeff cried all night.


By Freddie

One summer John, David, Tony and simon go to a place in America called Lake Tahoe. One night, they decide to go to the lake at midnight to swim. They cross the road on to the sand that tickled in-between there toes. David says that he wanted to go to buoy at the end of the lake so he does but an hour later he isn’t back Tony starts yelling for him but there’s no answer. The next morning he’s not back they go and look for him cant find him. David was never found again.


By Morgan

The diary of Boris……


Dear diary

I am tired after today as I have been staying ALERT. Today’s press conference was a drag, Chris Whitty has been stealing all the answers and I never get to talk. This morning I combed my hair for several hours and it looked beautiful. I have seen on “socials” that people have been mocking my amazing slogans and changing it to “go to work, catch the virus, save the billionaire’s”. No one is listening that they should go to work, stay at home, don’t stay at home, go to work; I think is brilliant!


By Luke

Kiki's story

Isla's story

Rosie is a 4 year old cat who arrived into our house as a scared kitten. Later she became more comfortable in her new habitat. Sometimes she can we grumpy, frightened or cheerful or even shy. Her day consists of eating, sleeping and lying in the sun. Rosie is my best friend because she is loyal, she comes to see me throughout the day and she follows me around the house. Rosie always jumps on my bed at night and sleeps on my blanket. But sometimes we don’t get along and she bites and scratches me.


By Amelia

Tom was bored. He would usually play with his friends, but he was stuck at home. He was sitting in his bedroom when he suddenly thought that he should get his Lego out of the cupboard to play with. As he stepped into his cupboard, he tripped and stumbled and fell out what seemed to be the back of the cupboard, and landed softly on some cool snow with a soft thud. He shakily stood up and found himself in a forest covered in a blanket of snow. Hoofbeats echoed past as he gazed around. “What was that?” he wondered.


By Ty



There was an ancient ruler called Ragnerok, who hated everyone so much that if they did something wrong they would be thrown into a massive pit and be left there to rot. Everybody who lived near him were terrified of him, but they all came together and made a plan although one of them needed to make a sacrifice so one of them volunteered and did something that would get them thrown into the pit. Everybody went to the pit and were getting ready and when the time was right they all went and pushed Ragnerok in to it.


By Alex M

The Diary of Michelangelo my turtle


Dear Diary,


Ugh I hate my tank I have to share with my brother I hate doing it.

He steals most of my food at least my owner loves me she is so caring and kind of cute.

Why am I thinking of her? I’m an animal I can’t fall in love with a human.

My owner is called Evelyn Boakes, but something is weird about her she doesn’t try to pick me up I’m so surprised!


(P.S my turtle is different to other turtles he grows to a smaller size than other turtles)


By Evelyn



“Meg, Meg!!!” My four-year-old sister’s playful cries echoed in my ears, unlike her screams today.

I had been walking my dog, Smudge, through a field, when I heard them; lonely sobs that sent a shiver down my spine. Sprinting towards the ditch where the sound was coming from, a worried feeling sank in my stomach, Lily!

I staggered to hospital cradling her in my arms, her ankle looked like an over-sized plum and her breathing was becoming shallow and forced. When she had played her ‘hospital’ games she had no idea she would be playing ‘hospital’ in reality…


By Charlotte

At the dead of night, I open the door and I scuttle toward the grass. Every night I would lie in my favorite grassy spot. I lie down and think that I was asleep for 2 seconds because it was still really dark.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling noise coming from one of the bushes. As it emerged from the green, I realized that there was a big, orange and white monster over-towering me. I started to run away, trying to get back in. I luckily made it! I started to munch on my left-over cabbage. I am a Guinea-pig!

By Hannah

Edie's story

The Coin


It’s so dark in here and I keep banging into the other. I’m getting fed up now. Some of the others absolutely stink and there’s no air. When will it be my turn? Ah, at last I hear the familiar zipping sound and light is streaming in. The hand!! It is coming in. Will it be me? I can hear them wittering away about the weather and I just want them to hurry up and choose me. It has to be my turn, surely. The hand is now so close and I think…… Yes! They chose me! I’m so thrilled.


By Charlie M

Hello, I am a fish - I do fishy stuff. I am writing to tell you about a horrible experience, that I have been through. Yesterday, I was swimming in our crystal-clear lake when I felt a sense of unease. There were no other fish around, but perhaps that was because the sun wasn’t up. Suddenly a huge juicy maggot splashed in front of me, so I bit into its fatty substance. Suddenly, I was whisked out of the lake into a huge bucket on a boat which contained a lot of rancid water. I was terrified about leaving my friends and family.


By Dylan

Fredrick And The bear

Fredrick was a shy kid, he rarely talked to anyone else and never stepped out of his comfort zone. One day Fredrick was in the park , he was collecting leaves for his project. A big bear suddenly came out from the trees, Hello there kid! Big bear spoke in a thundering voice. Fredrick was shocked , his best friend big bear had came back. Where shall we travel today Fredrick spoke big bear.

Maybe the beach Fredrick replied.

And so they did big bear and Fredrick had a wonderful time at the beach.

The End


By Charlie Y

Why Doctor Pepper isn’t so good to have while staying at home:

‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ Unfortunately, Doctor Peppers slogan isn’t very useful right now - unless you want to have a really intense conversation with your friend while having a Doctor Pepper. I know what you’re saying, “Doctor Pepper is delicious though!” Or “It tastes like candy!” Fair point, but there is a reason it tastes like candy. Sugar, lots of sugar! Unhealthy but obsessive. I don’t care if you still want to drink Doctor Pepper but don’t get me started on Coke! Just have regular water!


By Milo



SPLAT! E felt a bit flat; he’d never felt like that before, but then there wasn’t a before. Suddenly, N appeared; “Who are you,” asked N.

“I’m E, you look like an N.”

“Why are we here anyway” said N.

“I think that we’re supposed to spell END.” Then F appeared,

“Arrrr! My back!!” he cried.

“Why are you here, I thought D was coming” exploded N.

WHAM!!!! A line went over F. “What was that” screamed N.

“He’s had a stroke,” explained E.

“Will that happen to me?” asked N.

WHACK!!!! “Some people don’t learn” sighed E



By Dante



 I opened the magical door and saw wispy ghost figures weeping silently,

 I opened the magical door and saw spectres devouring souls of innocent,

 I opened the magical door and saw eternal darkness conquering everything,

 I opened the magical door and saw blood-strewn bodies scattered for miles, staring, lifeless,

 I opened the magical door and saw nightmares in skin and bone,

 I opened the magical door and saw indescribable things,

 I opened the magical door and saw a sea of murder gushing towards me,

 I opened the magical door and saw eyes lolling up in skulls, calling for help.


By Southerly

Ducktective James Pond


It was the quack of dawn when he got his first case. James Pond had some bad sourdough croutons and got a rough night’s sleep, so he decided to go on a walk down by the sea. Suddenly, he heard a loud quack down by the ducks! He waddled down and when he got there the shop owner was paralysed with fear. James Pond quacked him out of it immediately and asked him what happened. “Two robber duckies broke in and stole all the money!” James Pond replied saying, “don’t worry, I’m going to quack this case!”


By Finan

Violet's story

When Autumn meets Winter


My leaves once flourished but now they fall. The season takes them away in the wind to land distant from here. The leaves crunch under foot as the conkers fall from my branches. Children will collect my treasures buried deep, prising them from their prickly prisons.

A cold sensation fills the air, and lands upon my canopy, stripping me of my coat. My leaves are replaced by a white blanket that covers the landscape. The children come and play once more, their laughs louder than the Christmas bells soon to be heard, when Autumn meets Winter.



By Isaac

Lucy's story

The Brightest Star


I am thousands of things.

I am the autumn breeze, lifting up spirits.

I am the painting, finished and beautiful.

I am the window, shining in the light.


I am also the shadows, delving in secret.

I am also the darkness, bringing terror to children.

I am the nightmares, creeping through you.


I am the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I am the bed, so cosy and warm.

I am the sunset, ready to dawn.

I prefer to be nice,

It is more simple.

It lets the light shine through.


By Arthur Lee