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'Wiggle jiggle' - Teaching video of this feel-good warm-up by Emily Barden

Learn the song AND the body percussion in this lovely video by the songwriter herself. We'd love to see videos of you and your families singing this...

Reggae Music (w/c 22nd June)


Last summer we were listening to music from around the Caribbean.  As we are expecting beautiful sunshine and hot weather this week I thought it would be nice to re-visit this topic and learn a reggae song. 


Reggae originates from Jamaica, one of the islands in the Caribbean.  


Reggae music usually contains singers, drums, guitars, and keyboard.  Often we also hear trumpets, saxophones and trombones as well as other percussion too.  


The sound in reggae music is strongest on the 2nd and 4th Beat.  So if we try to remember the learning we did about writing and playing music from last term it would look like this:


Beat  (count to 4 and repeat) 1 2 3 4

Quiet on the 0 

Clap on the X

0 x 0 x


See if you can sing along to the song below written by Reggae star Bob Marley. 


For an extra challenge see if you can hear the strong beat and clap in the rhythm above. Or you could use or make your own instruments to play along.  See what you can find at home!  


Please send any videos to, I would love to see what you have got up to.


Enjoy the sunshine and reggae music!

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