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This page will be updated daily with either a short text message, video or picture to let you know what we are up to and our expectation for the day. 

Be sure to check out "Distance Learning Legends" for some of the amazing work you've been sharing!

Please message via this email if you are concerned about anything or want to share anything with me: - Miss Read




Good morning everyone.


I’ve loved receiving messages about your Summer holiday ideas! Most of you are taking the time to get some relaxing in, and some of you are going on trips and adventures, spending time with friends, or celebrating birthday’s- so exciting, I know it will be so much fun.


It has been an absolute honour teaching you all this year, I’m sorry that we couldn’t spend the whole year together, but the time we’ve had together and the emails we have exchanged have been wonderful!

Thank you all for your patience, kindness and smiles, you’re all huge credits to the Great Missenden team and we are so proud of your achievements, growth and positivity.

Sadly, this will be my last daily update in Year 4, for the brilliant 4G. I’m sure you’re all excited to get on with the next year and be done with this one, but know that I’m going to miss each and every one of you greatly.

I do have a little end-of-year gift for each of you, which I’ll be able to give to those in school, but those who are not, I can either post it to you, or give it to you next year when you are all back!

I’ve had an absolutely amazing time getting to know all of you and experience Great Missenden in all its strength across the course of this year, and I’m honoured to have had such a wonderful, engaged, hilarious and delightful class.

I can’t wait to watch all of you blossom further in Year 5.

Although I’ll see some of you on Thursday and Friday, for now I’ll say, have an incredible summer holiday, take a break from all of this learning, keep it up with your reading and times tables and take care of yourselves!


Sending so much love to you all, always.

Stay safe, take care, speak soon,

Miss Read


PS: Here’s my last bedtime story too, they’re all on a big playlist on my channel, if ever you’re feeling lonely!



Hello! It’s me, Miss Read!


What an incredible year we’ve had, year 4!


I’m sure you’ve all had amazing weekends and I hope you’ve all had time to look over your school reports- I’m so impressed by all of your progress this year, and I know that you have all done your best to continue this learning and determination at home. Any feedback you have can be written on the sheet and sent to me as a copy, or emailed through. If you’re using the paper copy, you can bring it back on Thursday- no pressure!

This week, I’ll have a chance to talk to your new teachers so if there’s anything you want me to say to them (besides how excited you are!) please let me know!


This weekend, I’ve been out in my garden again, trimming hedges, shaping bushes, dead-heading roses and planting broccoli and squashes, hopefully they will thrive in the wonderful weather.

Please let me know what you’ve been up to, and if you have any plans for the summer holiday, I’d love to share any news in our last (!) daily update, tomorrow.


Thank you so much all of you- 1 week until Summer, and then, Year 5 ahead…all the best,

Miss Read


PS: Here's a song about tofu, after hearing Bella and Heera's incredibly catchy tofu song last week...




Howdy team,


You know the drill now!

Today my update consists of and silly things!


We’ve spent lots of time preparing for you all to come back and we’re so happy to have experienced the reality of it, again, take your time today, and enjoy this video first:


I’ve also got another one of these relaxing videos for you…


Speak soon,

Miss Read




Good morning!


It was so wonderful to see some of you back in class last week, felt almost like going back to school! I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely EXHAUSTED after such a busy day of learning, even though we did our best to fit lots of relaxing in. This weekend I did lots of sleeping and playing the Nether update on Minecraft, so am feeling pretty good about that too.


I hope you’ve all had amazing weekends and are ready to get stuck back into Distance Learning today, after all of your hard work last week- we’ll be continuing with our Great Mythenden prospectus and today you have an arithmetic’s and times tables quiz, which I can’t wait to see the results of.


Let me know what you’ve been up to, and take it slow today, with lots of nice breaks, just like we do in school. If you get a chance to finish your ‘introduction’ paragraph from last week, that would be a good idea!


Here’s a special song, at my bubbles’ behest...


Take care,

Miss Read




Hi everyone,


LOVED the Top Trumps yesterday, they were amazingly fun and hilarious- thank you!

Also, Bella made this incredible black forest gateau, it looks so delicious, wow!

As you know, I will be busy tomorrow and for the rest of the week, so after 4:30/5:00 today I will be unable to answer your emails until Monday! Please do your best to have any work (or questions that you may have) sent into me by then.

The Distance Learning for Thursday and Friday will be put up on the site on Wednesday afternoon, but this is for those learning from home only, please do not access this if you will be coming in, or you’ll have nothing to do or discus in school! I’ll also be putting up some bonus resources for those people, which we will be using in school too.


In addition, I will be wearing a mask at school. As I’m sure you understand, wearing PPE is a good way of staying safe in school, I may decide that social distancing is effective enough at a later date, but for now, to protect my family, I will be wearing my own version of mufti (so that it’s quick to wash) and also a washable facemask. My masks were made by a friend and have subtle Harry Potter designs! I wear separate, disposable masks for my trips to the shops, so there is no risk of contamination.


Please ensure you’ve checked the lists of what to bring, and I hope you’re all feeling safe, smiley and prepared for Thursday!

Good luck and enjoy your lighter work tomorrow too!


Lots of love,

Miss Read




Hello all!


Last week I was so impressed by all of your incredible wishing stories- I’ve managed to put some of them up on the DLL page, as you’ve put so much effort into them and I’m certain I’ll see some more today!

This week we’ll be starting our new English unit- go watch the incredible video created by Mrs. Phipps, we are so excited to learn more about creative information texts with you alongside some silly, fun activities.

In Maths your arithmetic and times tables quizzes will now be on Mondays- we still expect you to forward the results of these to your teachers, so that we know that you are keeping your mind sharp and using all of the techniques we’ve practiced this year!

As I said, we will still expect work from you on Mondays and Tuesdays, we have extra studies for you to forward to other teachers on Wednesdays, and if you’re in or out on Thursdays and Fridays, the work will be up on the site as normal (for you to have a go at independently, so we won’t be answering emails I’m afraid)!

Hopefully we’ll answer the rest of your questions when you are an school, if you’re very worried about anything, let us know over email now.


Looking forward to seeing you all,

Miss Read




Good day!


Starting next week, you’ll be receiving only two or three daily updates from me, as most of us will be back in school (in some shape or form) from next Thursday.

I’m so excited to welcome you back to class and see everyone, I’m sure Mr. Magee has sent out messages and your parents have spoken through the new way of doing things with you, but we’ll get a chance to answer any other questions in school, too.

We are still expecting you to do the Distance Learning, Monday through Wednesday, but for now, have a lovely, restful weekend.


See you soon 4G,

Miss Read


PS- Here is my bed time story for you all this week:




Howdy, hooligans,


Today I heard the sad news- that Joe Wicks isn’t going to be doing daily sessions anymore! Oh no!


We’ve still got a little bit of time on this but I’d love to see how your exercise or work-out routines have changed and adapted over time, are you still exercising and getting your heartrate up daily, like you’re supposed to? What have you been doing to help yourself with this?


I’m notoriously bad at remembering to do my exercise, so I set myself reminders and stick to my workout plan! I’d love to know what your ideas for exercising are, so that I can do better at keeping fit and that you can share these ideas with the class!


In regards to Joe Wicks, his energy will definitely be missed, however, there are so many more amazing sites with similar ideas- YouTube has Just Dance videos to join in with, there’s always Cosmic Yoga, and Little Sports have great ideas too…would love to hear about what you all do to stay healthy and fit.


Take care,

Miss Read






As always, I’m here to give you some reminders…There are lots of teachers at our school, working really hard, coming up with ideas to make your learning as fun as possible, really pushing to be the best they can be, just like you are! All of the teachers love hearing from you, even if that message is when you’re worried- we want to help you and make you feel good!

So, please continue to send Mrs. Hulbert the incredible things you do for Music.

Madame Hemsworth loves everything you do about languages.

Mrs. Lee is excited by all Science, exploring and experiments too.

Of course, anything you send to them, I’d love to know about as well (just tag me in, or message separately to let me know)! Thank you for such a wonderful week so far with such dedicated work, great job.


Sending hope,

Miss Read




Hello everyone,


This weekend it seems like many of you had incredible celebrations for Father’s Day! Lots of wonderfully lazy days and delicious dinners have been reported, great job honouring those important father and grandfather figures in your life.

I was particularly amazed by Oscars weekend- canoeing down the canal in a home-made boat! Very exciting, looks like lots of fun in the sun!

George also enjoyed some sports and had a wonderful roast dinner which made me envious.


Seem like we’ve all had a lovely rest, ready for an amazing week! Thank you all for your messages.

I have really enjoyed your descriptive opening paragraphs for your wishing texts and also how well you’ve done with equivalent fractions- great job everyone!


Speak soon,

Miss Read




Good morning,


What have you all been up to this fine weekend? Walks, BBQ’s, picnics, dance parties online? I can’t wait to share all of your lovely pictures and messages with the class tomorrow, I love hearing what you’ve been up to- even the small things! If you’ve learnt anything new, outside of school work, I’d love to see that too!


My weekend was pretty standard, the classic Miss Read: video games, board games, movies, gardening, snacking, lots of sleep, and creating awesome stuff ready for you guys to come back to school!


Last week I was very excited to eat my strawberries- they’d lived for ages in the wild and just as they were a fully ripened, ruby red, a bird came and snatched them! I got to try one (1). A single teeny tiny strawberry…it was suuuuper sweet and tasty, phew (I can see why the birds had taken them).


This week we are going to continue and finish off our Wishing Stories, which have been super exciting so far, and I can’t wait to share more on our DLL page! In Maths, our learning will be a bit different this week, but we are still re-capping things, so thank you for your suggestions.


Sending lots of love, as always- warm wishes,

Miss Read




Greetings all,


I hope you’ve enjoyed our new model text! I’m sure you’ve got so many incredible ideas about what your own story could be about, and we are going to have a lot of fun learning and planning over the next two weeks! Foreshadowing is a very tricky skill and I’m glad that you’ve all done your best to understand this.


You may have noticed a theme with our Maths…we are re-capping your learning from this year! We would love to know which bits of Maths you feel you’ve struggled with, so that we can help you out now.


If you wanted to get your news organised, informative, and a little less biased, I’ve been recommended this as a clearer source of information for you: 

Newsround,,  is also a generally unbiased update, but you should let a grown up watch first, so they can check that it's appropriate for you to see.


Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful work with us so eagerly, every day! We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Franklin's Flying Bookshop as read by Miss Read

Here is my bed time story for you all this week!

Stay safe,
Miss Read




Good day to you!


As we have spoken about previously, there is currently a lot happening all around the world, so now is a good time to talk to you about opinions!

We spend most of our lives learning and forming opinions about a variety of things. What is important is that we always remain objective (stay on point and know your perspective), aware of facts, and do our research! Your opinion should always be backed up by evidence, which is why we love hearing you say “because” to explain your reasoning- it helps others to see your perspective and how you’re thinking!

We try to explore these things throughout all aspects of our learning, but we talk the most about our personal experiences in subjects such as PHSE and RE. Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world by asking abstract questions that have no definite answer- we should use our knowledge, facts and experiences to form our opinions and be open to discussing these.

A lot like growth mindset, if we put our minds to it and keep trying, we can find an answer that matches our outlook (our morals, like our school values!), and like growth mindset, we must be open to changing and adapting when we learn new things!

The reason I’m saying this is because many people will want you to have an opinion at the minute and it can be hard to know which one is the “right” one. In general, if you trust in your morals you can see right from wrong and search for information which helps you to understand. Remember, there is always more than one perspective on things and everyone will want you to see from their point of view. You need to find what makes sense to you!

If you’re worried about opinions you have heard, question them! Please always ask a grown up if there is anything that worries you, and ask many grown ups if you are looking for different perspectives.  


Please send me your best philosophical questions!


Love always,

Miss Read


PS: YouTube have put together many playlists about BLM and systematic oppression, if you’re struggling to find reliable resources in regard to that, you can find them here:




Hey 4G,


Some of you may have heard that we might be heading back into school soon. A lot of grown-ups have a lot of ideas about what will happen and how it will happen. All I know is this:

  • You shouldn’t come in if you don’t feel safe or if you (or people you’re in isolation with or have seen) are sick.
  • It won’t be the same as normal school or normal lessons.
  • You might not get to see all of your friends.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters will be in place.
  • We want you to be happy and well, and will do our best to keep you safe.


Some of you have already been in with the History Makers- all of these people have told me how fun it is but emphasise that it isn’t like “going back to normal”.

Personally, I have missed seeing all of you and speaking to you face to face. I haven’t left the house (except to shop every 2 weeks, or to relax in my garden) since the beginning of lockdown, because my housemate is high risk and I want them to be safe.

You will have to make your own (sensible, informed) decisions about whether or not you will come back in, as infection rate and death statistics are still high. The school has done all it can, using government guidelines and sensible precautions, to make it as safe and infection free as possible- with amazing results!


I cannot wait to see the many people who wish to return to school, safely.


Thank you for your messages, lots of love,

Miss Read




Hello everyone!


I hope you had a lovely start to the week, thinking about wishes. I haven’t had many messages about your weekends, but really loved some of the explanation texts you wrote last week, so make sure you check out our Distance Learning Legends page, as ever!


We have our first person up on the “WOW” Handwriting page!

Great work Alaina, you always make everything as neat and beautifully laid out as possible, well done. Can’t wait to see more of you perfecting your handwriting style over the coming weeks.


If you need ideas for warming up your hands for working, putty, playdough and separating Lego are great methods! So, have a play and a tidy up or stretch before starting!


Lots of love,

Miss Read




Good morning everybody!


Hope you’ve all had an incredible weekend! I’ve been keeping a close eye on our wild strawberries this week, they’ve grown so tall and are now very red- so almost ready to eat! Apparently these ones stay tiny but taste very sweet, so I’m very excited to try them.

I also replanted some cuttings from our rosemary bush, which was struggling, due to its height, in the strong winds. These are all potted now, and hopefully I’ll be able to put them in the ground by mid-summer!

We also re-potted some of our cacti who were running out of space, and there's a picture of my monsterra plant here with two new big leaves- they're the slightly lighter green ones:

Have any of you done any gardening this weekend? The weather has been all over the place! Can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to.


Have an amazing week,

Miss Read




Good morning all,


Don’t forget to check out Year 4’s general link page for some extra bits and bobs to do, if you’re bored:

I'm always receiving such amazing messages from everyone, for example, here's Arthurs' invisibility jumper...

It’s Friday so here is my bed-time story for the week, I hope you’re all feeling wonderfully relaxed and proud of your amazing achievements over your time in Distance Learning!


Take care,

Miss Read


arthur-invisibility-book 12.6.MP4

Still image for this video
PS: Arthur may be a magician...






Today I have been looking at old pieces of work to go and improve them and make them better. It is time consuming and tiring, but I know that at the end it is worth the effort! One of my friends also sent me this video today, which really helped me to calm down and showed me how things were made- so interesting! I’d encourage you all to find hobbies that help you feel that sense of peace:


Here are some awesome art sites for you to use if you would like to practice some other art this week, I’ve loved seeing what you’ve sent in based on my lessons, and I really enjoyed the amazing “Matisse” artworks you all created last week- Mrs. Hemsworth shared so many with me- she was so impressed too!

There are tonnes to choose from, so I hope you find something that suits you:


Take care,

Miss Read




‘Sup 4G?


Short one today, I’m really impressed at all of your choices for your explanation texts, and the introductions you’ve written, I hope that you find it easy to write up and fill in your formats, with decoration! You’ve all created INCREDIBLE, thoughtful plants for Topic- I’ve loved the illustrations and explanations, great job!

Also, how are you finding all of the Maths that we are re-capping? It looks to me like everyone is doing really well! Hopefully it feels familiar, but if there’s anything you’re worried about, we can try and get another lesson and reminder in before the end of term, if you let me know.


Yesterday, Sam sent me some amazing pictures of him and his family, foraging for Elderflower to make cordial! Delicious!


Have an amazing day today, and every day, and please don’t forget to get some fitness and relaxation in, everyone!


Take care,

Miss Read




Hello everyone,


Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve been up to with me! I’ve loved hearing about all of the Zoom calls you’ve had and all of the friends you’ve spoken to, well done for staying in contact!


I also received a fun writing challenge (that you’re more than willing to try!) from Heera’s family: Can you write a short story without using the letter “e” a single time? The challenge is based on a French author, who did just that! You can ask Heera to see her (and her Mama’s) teamwork version of the challenge- I’m sure you’ll do better than I did- I only managed 50 words before I made a mistake- whoops!


Carys has spent her weekend doing gymnastics with her cousin, and is excited for her sister to be back in school.

Oscar has sent me a picture of him with his new puppy Ruby, who is adorably distracting! So many amazing pets in this class!

George has been out in the woods again, this time he’s made an incredible den (with some teamwork!) and appears to have flown into a tree!

Arthur went on a 5 mile (!) walk, wow, well done for keeping your fitness up!


Thanks for keeping me up to date on what you’ve been up to! I’m missing you all lots, so please continue to stay safe, be sensible and wash your hands and I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.


Take care,

Miss Read


PS: Attached here is an assembly from Mr. Tang about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, it's brilliant-




Good morning all,


I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and are feeling refreshed!

I know I usually write you a big update, but suffice to say, I'm running out of things to say! Just kidding, but today I want to know what YOU have been up to!


This weekend I have been doing lots of cleaning, tidying and relaxing so that my house feels nice to work in, ready for the next few weeks. My strawberries have also grown to an edible size- so by the end of the week I'll let you know how tasty they are. I also made my own sushi, for the first time ever, have been putting it off for years! It was delicious!


I hope you're all well and calm and ready for another amazing week of learning, I miss you all so much when we are not talking.


Stay safe,

Miss Read




Hi everyone,


Awesome first week back, I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been hearing from you, but this has been a sad week, if I’m honest!


The news has been full of stories about people of colour (POC), specifically black people, being targeted by racism and hate, and a lot of the stories have been about violence done towards these people-even children. If you have seen any of these messages, and have any questions or worries that you want to share, please message me and we can work together to support these individuals, by being anti-racist and stopping unkindness. It’s part of our school values, our Golden Rules, to be kind to others, and I want to make sure you feel safe, and know how best to do that!


Related to this, this month is Pride Month! A time to celebrate how LGBTQIA+ people demonstrated at the Stonewall Riots, which led to the change in government that allow the gay rights (such as marriage rights and decriminalisation of being gay) we see today. A black woman, Marsha P. Johnson, started these riots, and this month many Pride groups are supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM- you might have seen in the news) movement in honour of her legacy and in solidarity and understanding. Again, if you have any more questions about this (parents or children!) please do ask, it’s very important that during these dangerous times we are supporting our community, friends and families.


On a lighter note, here’s a short film and a collection of stories for you to choose from to wind down with for the end of this week:


Take care, 

Miss Read




Good morning all,


Today you’ll be having an all-day school-day with Mr. Tang!

You can send all of the activities you complete today to the email, so that he can see the amazing work you’ve done.

It looks like you’ve got a great mixture of English and Math’s challenges that I’m sure you’ll work hard to achieve. This will give us Year 4 teachers some time to do our other work, though we are looking forward to hearing all about what you’ve been up to, tomorrow!


Remember, some lessons during the week are optional, you don’t have to do them all at once, if you’re struggling, please message! If you would like an optional art lesson, there’s another one here:


Good luck and have fun!

Miss Read






You’ve all been up to some incredible stuff- these people would love for you to see what they’ve been up to…

Rowan camped out at home, and also built a zip wire?! Fun for all the family!

Rowan zip wire

Still image for this video

Edward has had fun in the sun, studying birds, including trees covered with cormorants, lapwings padding about on the shore, and even herons. They even saw great created grebes, kestrels, and butterflies! “It was a 'dandelion day' and fields and even the lake were covered in places with dandelion fluff, looking like snow, which also floated into our faces as we looked across the lake!” Sounds incredible!


George has been on many adventures again, described best by his mum here: “I took the children geocaching for the first time - we found 3 caches and it was really good fun! We also helped with the village litter pick and walked through the fields on the way home and found a huge fallen tree that we climbed on. We did lots of lovely walks and played 40/40 hide and seek in the woods. There was lots of playing in the paddling pool, many ice pops consumed and also bike rides and kick-abouts with the football. We also made a skittles rainbow and rescued a caterpillar from the paddling pool!”

Belle went on a “cruise”, exploring a different country a day and eating their cuisine- what an awesome holiday idea!


WOW! So much awesome stuff! I’m glad you’ve got back into the swing of Distance Learning so quickly too, you’re all doing an amazing job and continuing your learning so well.


Here’s to an amazing, energetic week,

Miss Read




Welcome back everyone!


I hope you’ve had an amazing half-term break full of fun and sunshine! I would love to hear all about what you’ve been up to and share your adventures (or top relaxation tips) with the rest of the class, please send your pictures, videos and quotes my way!

My half-term was kind of exciting, I did lots of sunbathing (with cream on) had some water fights, played lots of video games, did tonnes of gardening, and played some board games as well! You’re probably beginning to see a pattern here…


But enough about me! I’m excited to see what you’ve been doing (or not doing!) and to start a new unit of English and Maths learning whilst delving deeper into our Topic lessons!

I hope you’re all well and feeling soft and smiley!


Speak soon,

Miss Read


PS: Here are some pictures of the garden!




Good morning all,


Today is our last day together before half-term. Now I’m sure you’ve heard there are some changes coming in school that means some children MIGHT be going back to school.

Please remember, our school only wants what is best for you: for you to be safe and for you to feel comfortable and happy. We know that these changes have been difficult, but you’ve all embraced them so well and I love hearing from you about all you’ve learned at home- I’m certain that if you could look at your school books you’d see how far you’ve come!

Although we are not returning, (yet?) I know you’ll continue to work your hardest and do your best, because you already are. Please be patient and know that if you’re not comfortable returning to school, you don’t have to- it’s still dangerous to socialise and I’m proud of you for staying safe and being careful at home, because it means I get to see all of your smiling faces whenever we do return to school!


I’m so glad to have you as my class (‘cause you’re all awesome) and I can’t wait to hear from you all soon. Here’s my bed-time story for you to enjoy at the end of the day, I’m very excited to read all of your beautifully written up stories today also- I’ve been blown away by them so far!


Have an amazing, relaxing, restful half-term and think about what you can do to stay healthy and stay cool!


Lots of love,

Miss Read

PS: Please enjoy another classic bedtime story from me! I hope you have fun joining in with the actions and the silly voices!




Good morning everyone!


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, which we need now more than ever! Our Wellbeing page has tonnes of resources to help support you in these times, but it doesn’t have a lot of information about mental health. I encourage you to do some research, reflect on how you’re feeling, and use the resources available to you to learn how to tackle those feelings yourself.

It’s not always easy dealing with Mental Health issues, but it’s something that it’s useful to understand now to help you throughout your life! Tactics I learnt at your age still help me now when I’m feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, so I hope they come in handy for you too! You’ve already got the Zones of Regulation down…


Practice Wellbeing with the resources here:


To help your brain today, why not try some relaxing drawing? This drawing site has a fun challenge for you, too:


Take care,

Miss Read




Hi everyone!


You may have seen Ms Phipps video from last week (which I’ve added below!) the question is- how many times do I appear in the video?!

'Get Up' with the Great Missenden staff

Answers tomorrow!

Since we haven’t had time to do our ICT, why not try this coding game?

Congratulations to those on our DLL page so far this week, I’m so impressed by some of the environments you’ve created and some of the rad super powers you’ve given your heroes! Now I’m wondering who your villains will be…We’ve done so much work on setting description and suspense, I’m sure you’ll have me shaking in my boots!

Good luck,
Miss Read




Wow! You’ve all had such busy weekends!

Heera has been cooking and drawing and doing Science experiments?! ( Stanley had a close encounter with baby caterpillars (aww!) burrowing bees and one cool caterpillar spinning some thread (making a cocoon?)!

Carlota has new pets?! Two gerbils! Oscar has been using Lego over facetime, too!

I’m amazed at all of the awesome things you’ve been up to!

Comparatively, my car broke down so we tried to fix it and then gave all of our cars a little spa day, they’re looking so shiny!

I’ve loved your writing so far this week, keep an eye on the DLL (Distance Learning Legends!) wall, because there’s so much EPIC work going on there (and in your very home).

If you have anything you’d like me to do a “How To Draw” on, please let me know!


Take care,

Miss Read






You may remember that back in school, at Christmas time, I adopted a sloth for our class to take care of! We got a cute cuddly version (who we named Gary!) but one of the lovely creatures we are actually providing care for, is called Dego! Here is a message from ZSL especially for us…

Dego the sloth - Chapter two

Thank you so much for pygmy sloths like Dego!

We hope you’re enjoying following his story and finding out about these amazing animals living on just one tiny island, Escudo de Veraguas, off the coast of Panama.

So little is known about pygmy sloths, the slowest animals on the planet, but living in just one small place puts them in extreme danger. With your help we’re working to protect them and hundreds of other animals around the world.

We’ll catch you soon for the next instalment of Dego’s story.

Click here to view chapter two:

It's so lovely to hear that something we’ve done for wildlife is still helping now. Thank you all for being so eco-conscious and creating such amazing animal-reports in Topic!


Here’s to an amazing week of learning and fun before half term!

Please send me any of the amazing thing that you’ve been up to this weekend.


Best wishes,

Miss Read




Bore Da 4G!  (means “good morning” in Welsh, and “Su ' mae” means “hello”- thanks Carys!)


It’s Friday! How have your weeks been?

I’ve loved hearing all about your characters and work this week….


Here’s my bedtime story for this week:

and here’s some that Heera shared with me, if you’d like something more thoughtful and a little different to listen to:


Just a reminder, I’m available to email ALL DAY, so please do send any questions, I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible, but as I’m sure you understand, I get a lot of emails all at the same time, so I’m sorry if it is occasionally a bit slow.

In general, if you message at 9 I will be free, at 10:15 I have a snack break (just like at school!) and I have lunch at either 12 or 12:30 so I might not be able to answer straight away at or right after those times! I stop looking at my emails after 4:00/4:30 if I’m being slow, so if you email after that expect an answer in the morning/at midday as I don’t always have time to get back to you with new emails coming in.


Sorry in advance, I will continue to do my best to reply as soon as possible.


Love and hugs,

Miss Read





Good day, fellow humans!


I’ve ran out of exciting ways to open these so I guess it’s finally time for me to focus on learning some new languages…

I know I can say “hallo” for “hello” and “guten tag” for “good day” in German, or in Spanish I can say “hola” for “hello” or “Buenas dias” for “good day”, I can say “ni-hau” and “konichiwa” and “bonjour” but that’s really my limit!

What other languages do you know? What could I look into?

I’ve got some lovely links here to places that can teach you British Sign Language (BSL), which is a brilliant skill to have. I know some Makaton but BSL is a more recognisable sign language that will help you to connect with people all over the country:


Let me know what you think!


Javier sent me a lovely video today of him playing the guitar, he’s clearly practiced a lot, well done Javier!


Also, Joe’s dad sent me this amazing link that I hadn’t seen, it put a big smile on my face and reminded me of how amazing our school is:


Today I’ll be out at the dentist (!) in the afternoon, so if you message after 12:30 you won’t get a response until tomorrow morning - apologies in advance.


Auf Weidersehen,

Miss Read




G’day mates!


I've loved reading your poetic forays into metaphor and personification, you've all had amazing ideas and can clearly capture and describe characters and environments in a variety of ways, which is going to really help you during our next piece of writing! Can’t wait to hear your feedback on today’s English “hook”- I’m hooked! Really excited to see what ingenious ideas you come up with this week.


Carlota has been busy over VE day, interviewing someone who was alive at the time of the war. There’s a lot of interesting information here, if you’d like to see, amazing job being involved with the community Carlota:

I’ve had a few more requests for things to draw, so here’s the next “How To Draw” video, just for you to enjoy:

How to Draw some trees and leaves!

This one comes in handy AAAAALLLLL the time when drawing backgrounds, so hopefully you’ll find these few new ways of drawing trees and leaves useful!

Stay safe,
Miss Read




What’s up?


Loved hearing about your weekends:

Angus had a busy weekend concreting with the family (and little puppy paws). George did some fun colouring for VE Day and enjoyed family bike rides, a big walk and also Saturday night Dominos and movie night! Javier told me about making carrot cake and scones being eaten! Edward had a cool bonfire alongside a BBQ dinner! Carys has created some wonderful decorations for her house! Bella wrote a story for her grandparents, which was very entertaining and I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Did you know, tomorrow is National Nurses Day? I think it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate these people who are putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe!

Below is a “learning log” task that has gone out school wide, if you choose to accept it, to thank the nurses who have been supporting us, and some resources that might help…


Take care,

Miss Read




Hey everyone,


How has the long weekend been? What did you get up to? Did you get a chance to celebrate VE day with your family? I would love to hear about and see all of the things that you were able to do!

This weekend I celebrated my brothers birthday by playing video games online with him!


Sadly, I have been shirking my responsibilities…by that I mean I haven’t been doing what I’m supposed to- exercise! I sometimes wonder why I’m feeling tired and glum and then remember I haven’t taken the time to stretch my legs and get my heart pumping, or even grab some fresh air!

Hopefully you’re all doing better than me, if you’re struggling, take a look at the “chair exercise” activities below. A great way to quickly stretch and check that your body is relaxed and your posture is good before you keep on working (or playing!):

My shoulders are always tight and I know I “hunch” a little bit, so it’s a good reminder for me to quickly get up and have a wiggle.


I’m sure you’ll all put it to good use!


Here’s to a great week,

Miss Read






Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so sadly, I don’t get to hear from you! Never-the-less, I’m really looking forward to receiving your messages today.

This bank holiday is a very special one as it falls on the 75th anniversary of VE day, the celebration which ended WW2 with Nazi Germany’s surrender. We use this day to honour the courageous work of those who were at war- not just fighters and soldiers, but everyone who was involved and the things they did.

As such, the incredible Miss Sharratt has put together a folder of incredible resources for you to use to help you celebrate VE day and the freedoms it allowed us, to understand what happened and to feel as they did those 75 years ago- excited to come home and be at peace!

Have a look at those resources here:


As always, don’t forget to check out the Distance Learning Legends page. You constantly astound me with the high quality of your work and your attempts to challenge yourselves and achieve your S2S. Well done!


On a more relaxing note, enjoy listening to my bedtime story below:


Take care,

Miss Read

Little Red Riding Hood as read by Miss Read

Another classic fairy tale for you to enjoy!




Greetings one and all!


I’m impressed by all of the artwork you’ve been sending into me, and thank you for your requests on things for me to do a “How To Draw” video on!

Here’s my interpretation of the hotel from Heera (and mama’s) story “Roja” that I shared here yesterday:

I’m not 100% happy with it, but I had fun making it- what an excellent story idea! I tried to get the slide and the food machine in, and the showers and beds!


Today my “How to draw” is for Amelie and Benji who would love more information on how to draw wolves and giraffes. These are tricky to draw, but I’ll show you a cartoon version and how to shade fur on a more complex outline to guide you in whichever style you prefer:

How to draw Giraffe's and Wolves!

I hope this helps and that you all have an amazing day today, am excited to be reading your planned-out letters tomorrow! Please email if you need any help or ideas, we are expecting these to be really detailed!

Take care,
Miss Read




Hello 4G!


The answer to yesterday’s challenge was: 3 (technically 4 actually!) with you’ve becoming “you have”, we’ve becoming “we have” and don’t being “do not”, (here’s could be “here is”!). Well done all.


I’ve been sent some amazing things over this weekend!

Look at all of the delicious baking that Erin has done:


I was particularly impressed by Heera who has written an incredible story inspired by one of her mama’s dreams and created artwork to go alongside her exciting (and suspenseful) story.

Heera’s story is called “Roja” (pronounced “Ro-hah”) and is about a strange city that her family have been transported to and their adventure through this imaginative landscape.

Here is Heera’s depiction of the city:

Here are the characters:

Here is the story:

It’s a long story but a very exciting (and well written- well done!) read that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I did, there were even a couple of words I had to look up (I’m sure you’ll work them out).


The family would love to see your artistic renditions of the landscapes or characters if you feel like sharing after you’ve read the story, I’ll send your pictures their way! I’m going to try to make some myself also…


Enjoy, and thanks again Heera and family!


Miss Read




Good morning 4G,


I hope you've all had good weekends!

It was my partners birthday this weekend so we've been playing lots of video games and eating all of their favourite foods: pancakes, bacon, mushrooms, roast dinner, chocolate get the idea!

We've finished 2 jigsaw puzzles and I got them a huuuuge box of Lego which we've made some very silly stuff with, for example:

This strange vehicle is called "The digger-y-don't". It's got rockets on the back and a garden (with windmill propeller) on the top! It's been very silly and fun.


Challenge: How many contractions have I used in this message and what words are they contracted from?

Send me your answers and I'll post the results tomorrow!


Here's to an amazing week, looking forward to seeing what you remember from letter writing last week and seeing if you're following my (emailed) feedback...


Keep it cool out there,

Miss Read




Howdy y’all!


Did you catch that Wiggly Littlepig had “they” pronouns this week? That means that you shouldn’t have been putting “he” or “she” in your English work yesterday! Most of you did amazingly at this, but please make sure when you check your work today!


After warming up my sewing machine over the holidays, I’m excited to say I’ve been making PPE for nurses today! My first attempts haven’t gone well as I haven’t had enough material, but if I sort out my clothes drawer I’m sure I can find some things to help me!

There are lots of different ways of making these masks and also bags as well (to hold their health and safety gear, ready for cleaning) and keeping our NHS safe. What have you been doing to help the NHS?

Staying safe at home is the best thing to do for them!


I hope you all have amazing weekends and enjoy watching the final chapter of our class book here…


Take care,

Miss Read

Here Comes Hercules Chapter 15

The FINAL CHAPTER of our class book. So sad that it's over but I've enjoyed it so much!




Good day to you all!


This week has been amazing and I’ve loved all of the different examples of letters I have seen this week! Next week we will continue to explore fairy tales and letter during our English lessons so be sure to check out some of our Distance Learning Legends who have worked really hard this week:


Thank you for sending me messages about what you’ve all been up to, I’ve loved hearing about Ben’s dog’s birthday and his Youtube channel (!), Georges adventures involving family, fields and alpacas. Hearing about Sam, Stanley, Arthur and Ben continuing to work hard on their music (and I’m sure many more of you!) and I’ve been learning all about the books you’ve been reading. Alaina, Arthur and Ashleigh have all been somewhat under-the-weather so I’m super proud that they’re still sending such incredible work into me (thank you!). Just generally the amazing cooking and artwork that has been sent my way, I’m still really impressed by your attention and the quality of work!


Luckily, we’ve got even longer to improve at this “Distance Learning” stuff, and as such we will be making sure you continue to get to do your Music, PE, Science and French lessons with your teachers on a regular basis. Keep your eye on the timetable for some changes soon!


Missing you all so much, but have loved seeing your smiling faces doing actions this week.


Take care,

Miss Read

PS: Don't forget to try Mrs. Hardy's Corona Competition which closes at 4pm today!



Hello everybody!

I’ve been really enjoying all of the artwork that you’ve sent me. For example, check out Amelie’s window giraffe:

All of your creativity has inspired me to do some more art of my own! I know you’ve already seen my colouring, but I really wanted to get back into drawing, so here are some “How to’s” I’ve made of my favourite things to doodle…

How to draw with Miss Read- Quick eye and stylised "rose"!

Also, for those of you who have finished your reading book and whose at-home library is looking a little scarce, have a look at the books here: There are tonnes to choose from and you can pick from any age group so that you can share with your siblings too!

I hope you find these useful!
Have a brilliant day,

Miss Read




Hello everyone!

Heera sent in a brilliant recipe last week which I thought I would share with you here, we’ve both rather enjoyed the results of making our own chocolate, it was sooooo tasty and healthier (apparently…) than store alternatives- interesting stuff!

I made some changes so that mine was dairy-free, and Heera didn’t have all of the ingredients so substituted in things she found at home (butter for shortening, milk instead of milk powder) to create our own delicious variations! Why don’t you have a go and see how it turns out?


I’ve loved seeing all of the amazing things that you’ve baked and I’m certain there will be some birthday cakes flying around (congratulations Arthur and Oscar!) so if you have a recipe that you’ve loved, I’d love to give it a try- send it my way.


For example, here’s Erin’s incredible sourdough she made, it’s got my mouth watering!


Happy baking, love from,

Miss Read




Greetings all,

I hope you’re feeling wonderfully rested after the sunshine-y weekend.

This weekend I have been playing an utterly ridiculous amount of a video game called “Factorio” and preparing your work for this week!

The children next door to me sent round some cakes that they had baked which we fed to my housemate (who loved them), which means I better get shopping for flour- because I love baking and what to send them something tasty back!

Below is a classic fairy tale story that should make you feel relaxed (like me in my pyjamas) and help you get into your English for this week…

The Three Little Pigs, as read by Miss Read

I hope you’re all ready for a great week of learning, I love all of the work I get from you and seeing what you’ve been up to!

Best wishes,
Miss Read




Good morning everyone,

How has your first week back been? I hope that you’re still feeling nice and relaxed this weekend and that you’re remembering to eat and drink healthy foods and exercise as well!


Check out Carys’ amazing lantern! I’ve seen so many brilliant ones today, (great job Belle, Caleb and Arthur!) and you absolutely must check out Sam’s on the Distance Learning legends page, well done all:


If you check out Science page there are daily and weekly challenges for you to try your hand at- these can be done whenever and I’d love to see your results! If there are any you don’t understand, please message! As always, I’d love to see your results, please send them my way so I can share them!

Find it all here:


Also, Mrs Hemsworth knows that you miss her and has been sending some French our way:


Mrs. Hulbert is also desperate to hear from all of you about music too:

She’s even sent out our own Year 4 message:


Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

Miss Read




Good morrow unto ye!


You’ve all jumped back into Maths with such fervour (vigour, energy), I’m rather impressed! Up on my Youtube channel there are now reminders about the most efficient methods of doing your 4 operations, and how to effectively check your work (explained in a very in-efficient way):


Mr Austin has some PE activities for you, from the lovely Shannon from Get Active:


Mrs Lee has set a fun DT competition for you all, also:


Don’t forget to check out the Wellbeing page for top-tips on how to stay safe and to help yourself stay happy and relaxed in these strange times:


Please send me, or the aforementioned teachers, anything you’re particularly proud of through the linked email addresses. We love seeing what you’re up to and how you’re continuing your education at home- it really is in your hands, and I’m so proud of you all for the results so far. Keep it up!


Take care,

Miss Read






Well done with your work today, really impressed with the quality and have really enjoyed reading all of your poetry so far this week. How do you feel about poetry? I love it!

Here is one excellent poet, the great Michael Rosen, for you to enjoy:


One of my absolute favourite poems is actually called “Algy” and here it is, in the first book I read it in:

What are some of your favourite poems?


Check out this one by Rowan on Monday, so emotive:

Silent, calm waves

Edging across the blue

As the sailor brings up his catch


I was very impressed with all of the haiku's shared today and can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow... There are even more up on our Distance Learning Legends page, check it out!


Don’t miss out on the next Chapter of Here Comes Hercules, every Monday and Friday, we've almost finished, sadly:


All the best,

Miss Read




Rise and shine!

Just look at all of the incredible things you and your friends have been up to!


Stanley has spent a lot of time outside and with his sister, he’s mastered the trampoline and also the Nintendo Switch over his Easter break, even helping out feeding his family:

I’ve also heard a lot about baking and cooking and Easter eggs galore, here’s Javier making one of his cakes:

Many of you have created artwork and rainbows in honour of the NHS, here’s some incredible foot and hand painted artwork by Amelie and family who have had a relaxing movie break:

Edward is often out in the sun too and, much like me, has been using his green fingers, this time to help prepare a greenhouse:

Ashleigh has also been helping in and around the garden, painting and strimming, she even met a slow-worm (like mine!) and has become a bit of a daisy-chainiac:

A lot of you have messaged in about fun you’ve had on the trampoline, here’s a wonderful video of Heera on Easter Sunday, who has finished yet another book about adventurous mice, wow: 

Heera Easter slow 20.4.MOV

Still image for this video

Don’t forget to check out the Distance Learning Legends page where all of the amazing things you and your friends have done are waiting for you.

Brilliant job of getting back to it and working hard, please take your time, have lots of breaks and ease yourself back into the swing of school, use the timetable to re-create your routine, and dress appropriately to get yourself back into the swing of things.

Stay safe, I’ve missed you all so much!

Miss Read





Welcome back!


I hope you have had relaxing Easter breaks where you have been able to spend time with your family, relaxing. It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time to get back into the swing of school work every day, but I’m so excited to see and hear all about what you have been up to over the Easter holidays, I’ve missed everyone so much!


First off, a little about what I did…

A lot of gardening, eating tasty snacks, I’ve done lots of colouring in, finally used my new (2 years old!) sewing machine, played many games, had an ‘e-Easter’ Sunday lunch, and egg hunt with family, I have been sleeping in late…and creating lots of exciting activities for you guys to do when you’re back!

I can’t wait to hear from you all today and know that you’ll have some news to share- did you finish that book you started? Have you spent most of your time relaxing in the sun? Watched all of your favourite movies over? Taken up a new hobby?


Please let me know, I’m really looking forward to learning about your shenanigans and will share what your friends have been up to with you tomorrow.

For now, have a wonderful day, and best of luck with your tasks.


Your friend,

Miss Read




Good morning,


Thank you for your song recommendations yesterday, I had a blast listening to High Hopes, thanks Javier, I loved your Schnauzer Lego too, and adorable Ash!

 I was also super impressed by Stanley’s guitar playing (see it below- what a song), sorry to have embarrassed everyone else, but personally, I had a lot of fun!


As it’s Friday, I have put the next part of the class book up on Youtube for you to listen too, I’ll also be reading out some of my favourite chapters written by you on there, unless you send me a video of you reading it first…:


I want to say a massive congratulations to you all for your hard work and perseverance, I’m constantly impressed by the high quality of work being done, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your first 2 weeks of Distance Learning. This is a time of huge change, and you’ve all had to adapt to a new way of working. This can be very stressful for you and your families and I’m proud of you for keeping cool, positive and practicing your Mindfullness.


We don’t know what will happen next, but I suspect I’ll see you back on here in two weeks after you’ve all had an incredible Easter break. Take this time to relax and think about what’s important to you, what you can do to help, and most of all, how you can find a way to relax!


For our Brilliant Book this week, it has been a very hard decision. I am constantly impressed by everyone’s effort levels, I love all of the videos you send in, and all of you could have been in it this week, however, I can only choose one. That person is….George! Thank you for making a team effort to keep your family smiling, I’m really proud of all that you have achieved! On the back of that, I owe you something very special...your pen license. I know you’ve been working towards it for a long time and all of your handwriting practice is paying off! Keep it up superstar.


I really can’t wait to hear about everything you have all been up to, have an absolute blast (and a good relax) for me please!


Stay safe, your friend, 


Miss Read

Stanley guitar

Still image for this video

________________________________________________________________________________ 2.4.20:

Still image for this video
Hello all!

Today I’ve done some drum practice, as you can see...

Well done with your inverted commas! It can be hard to remember all of that punctuation, but now you can go look back at your work any time for a reminder!

What instruments do you all play? I’d love to share our hard-working musicians to our ‘Distance Learning Legends’ wall- even if it’s just a particularly good karaoke that you’re proud of.

I spend a lot of my time at home singing whatever nonsense comes into my head (to the amusement of my housemates) and for the last few days I’ve had nothing but Christmas songs stuck in there!! Send me a song request and I’ll send you back an email of me either singing or drumming it. If you don’t want that (I understand entirely) then at least send me some song recommendations to work to!

Really impressed with Sam here, doing great Maths:

I’m glad we all have different creative outlets to put our minds too, I’m sure some of you are still developing your knowledge of and passion for your new talents, but keep trying-I’m just working towards my Level 1 in drums!

Also I loved seeing Carys's and Calebs cookies today:


Sending love as always,

Miss Read




Good day everyone!


Love your plans for your own chapters, they look both hilarious and accurate to the story! I can’t wait to see the finished versions with all of the details and S2S in!


I know you’ve all been very busy but I’m afraid today I’m going to need you to write a 3000 word essay on how great school is and complete 3 comprehensive maths tests before you’re allowed any lunch…

Just kidding! Happy April Fools!


I’m not a great fan of April Fools day, because some people use it to be mean instead of silly, which is very unfair. That being said, you know I love being silly, so here is my (very silly and pointless) prank from this morning…

April Fools.mp4

Still image for this video
Thankfully, Harry was only confused for about 5 minutes before he realised...nothing like baffling your best friend!

If you are feeling a little anxious today and want to instead do something fun or relaxing, check out our newly updated Science page ( with a fun challenge!) or our Wellbeing page which has plenty of Mindfulness activities and silly brain breaks to keep you feeling positive

Stay safe,
Miss Read






Howdy friends!


Great to see your text-maps yesterday, love the look of concentration on your faces! I’m certain you’ve all practiced really hard and some great icons have come out of it. Check out the ‘Distance Learning Legends’ page for some outstanding examples.


Oscar took up some drawing over the weekend, there’s a facebook page ( with guided cartoons if you want to give that a try, look at the amazing results! 

Also, Sam has been a busy body at home, making sure he’s reading daily-well done Sam!

I’ve also heard all about what Erin, Javier and Heera are up to reading wise, what have the rest of you been reading?

Today I’ve been trying out some of your workouts- sadly I’m only allowed to put up 30 second videos so here are some of my favourite moves from your plans! 

Workout video!.mp4

Still image for this video

I know I’m no way near as graceful as some of you, but it is super important to keep exercising to stay fit, increase our energy, and to keep us positive!
I know a lot of you have been keeping up with Joe Wicks’ morning exercise, which is wonderful. I’ve also heard a lot about bike rides, long walks (sometimes with furry friends!), trampolining, skipping…what other things have you been doing to keep fit and stay active? 

If you’re stuck for ideas, be sure to visit the PE page on Distance Learning, and also the Wellbeing page for reminders about your health (and ways to keep you safe!).

Can’t wait to hear from you all, missing you all very much, but my home “classroom” is slowly becoming more comfortable (when you’re all emailing me of course). 

Keep it “class”-y,

Miss Read 




Hello 4G!


I can’t wait for all of your emails today, I hope you had wonderful, relaxing weekends and that you are ready to get on with your Distance Learning this week!

Your recounts and instructions last week were very impressive, I’m glad that you’re all remembering to check for your non-negotiables and keep that handwriting beautifully joined up and neat- Well done! Also, great job to everyone who got really stuck in with the Maths, I know it’s different to what we have done before, so please send me a message if you’re stuck. That being said, you all used your reasoning and problem-solving skills excellently and have worked through the questions really well. If you found yourself on the ‘Distance Learning Legends’ wall, there will be rewards…(to be discussed!)


My weekend was quite relaxing, I played video games online with my friends from New Zealand who are in quarantine also, and also spoke to other friends of mine over video chat, which was great! I don’t usually get a lot of time to see my other friends so it was lovely to be able to take the time to “see” them.

I hope you all had similar experiences where you’re getting to spend some time with your friends and families, even if not in person.


If you didn’t catch it last week, have a look now at my Youtube Channel:

On here are readings of our class book, other story books and (soon to be) videos about our learning and curriculum!


Since we can’t chat in person, please send me photo’s, videos or messages about all of the amazing things that you’ve been up to.


Speak soon,

Miss Read  






So, we’ve made it to the end of our first week of Distance learning!

I’m so proud of all of you for sticking it out, I even made myself some little rice crispy cakes to celebrate, please see the recipe below!

  • 80g chocolate of choice (we use dairy-free!)
  • 60g butter/margarine of choice (we used Vitalife!)
  • 2 big tablespoons of Golden Syrup
  • Lots of Cocoa-pops! (about 80g but sometimes more or less)
  • Sprinkles and mini-marshmallows to decorate!


But seriously, some truly amazing work by you all, you’ve got the hang of it so quickly. Don't forget to check out our Distance Learning Legends, I'll be adding more as the week goes on! Next week I will also be sharing some of the brilliant examples of recounts that I will have read this afternoon...


But first, here is the next chapter of our class book for you to enjoy:

Stay tuned for other story books and class book readings!


Congratulations to Amelie for this weeks Brilliant Book! Your positivity and energy (and incredible hard work!) has consistently left a smile on my face this week- thank you and well done!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend, 


Miss Read







Greetings all!


If you want to see a bit more of what I have been up to today, look no further than here!

It's cooler than it looks...

I have set a Science Challenge for everyone on the newly updated Science web-page:

Please take some time out of your day to have a look at it, maybe after the science you do this afternoon!


I have been sent so many amazing messages, special thanks to Amelie for keeping me sane with dog pictures and the rest of you for images of you having fun in the sun! Also, Oscar hard at work with some wood-craft! Incredible.

I’m glad you’re all having a wonderful time. We are so lucky to have such amazing technology that lets us see each other and our hard work, every day!


Keep it cool 4G,

Miss Read







Good morning!

Today I have updated some parts of the website! I have added a “Wellbeing” page where you can try out some of my ideas for Mindfulness, reflection and staying healthy and happy whilst at home and during your distance learning. For example, I really missed our Mindfulness Friends after lunch today so thought I would put up some ideas, as reminders, for you to do in your breaks!


Some superstar workers here from today and yesterday too:

Stanley has made his own hot cross buns following the Guided Reading recipe (looks delicious-very jealous here),

George finished all of his Distance learning and even helped his sister out on Numbots (what a legend!) and I was blown away by Carys’s amazing English instructions so absolutely had to share, she will be the first up on our “Distance Learning Legends” wall!

Heera has also done some wonderful colouring with her Grammie over the internet- what a lovely idea!

Very impressed with some of the Trojan horses I have seen as well which will be shared next week! Shout out to Erin for sharing her incredible robot with me also…


Don’t forget to check this out later, it was very important to share, thank Oscar if you almost missed this one:
Steve Backshall - 9:30am (GMT) Wednesday 25th March “I’ll be live on Facebook, Instagram AND YouTube. From habitats to holotypes, parasites to pademelons, I’ll be doing my best to bring the wild world into your living room, from... my living room!!!”

As always, if you have any questions, please message me a.s.a.p (as soon as possible) so that I can help you. Even though I am busy doing things, I’m still here for you, just like at school.


Missing you all so much!

Stay safe,

Miss Read






Today I am taking the time to clean my house. I know that having too much clutter and mess and dirt will make it hard for me to concentrate on my work- replying to all of your lovely emails! Hopefully these before and after photo's show my hard work, I want to make sure that me and my family stay healthy and my home stays tidy.



Well done for doing your best to get through your work yesterday, it’s very different doing it without your school friends around, but stick to the schedule and keep asking questions and you’ll be fine!


I would love to share some of your messages on here so if you have done anything awesome that you are okay with me sharing, please send a “I’m fine with you sharing” with your work. I won’t be able to put everyone’s up, but it would be nice for us to spread the love and positivity here too.


What books have you been reading? Don’t forget to practice your spellings and use TTRS too!


Loving the emails I’ve received- hopefully I will receive a few more today!

Thank you, see you soon,

Miss Read

Day 1 of Distance Learning!

Still image for this video

Today I have been gardening! The sun was out so the lawn is mown and I’m excited to get messages from all of you who have gotten stuck into your first day of Distance Learning! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend ready for this next step into a new way of learning.
Hopefully the format of the lessons is familiar to you and work is straightforward enough to do by yourselves. Your questions last week were very helpful- yes, you may print work out if it’s easier but you don’t have to! Maths is something you can mark yourself, just like how we do it together in school, remember to check the questions (like we practiced) to make sure you don’t make any mistakes! Please send copies of your English work to me after you have checked and edited yourself. Any questions about the work can be sent to me at any time between 9 and 4, when I’ll be sat in front of my laptop waiting to see what you have been up to!
You’re very lucky that you get to do your work in your own time, and in your pyjamas if you want to, that being said- don’t forget to stay hydrated! Keep some water by you and drink it regularly please, it’s one of the best ways to self-regulate and take care of yourself.

Missing you all already, but excited to see how much you can get done at home.

Best wishes,
Miss Read