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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good morning!

I hope you are all well this morning, this is our final day of distance learning for the whole class!

You have all done an incredible job these past few weeks and months. I appreciate how hard and difficult is can be to stay motivated at home. You have also had super support from all those around you, which I am very grateful for.

Here is probably my last video message to you!  -

I have to tell you, I have enjoyed using my daily updates as a tool to stay in touch with you all, during this time but it’s definitely not something that comes naturally to me in any way, shape or form J.

I have also loved all your videos, photos and emails that made me laugh over this time too. Benji and Amelie’s goodbye video, to Ms Read and I, topped it yesterday…

I know this has not been an easy year for you, with Mrs Millington leaving, Greek day, Woodrow and then school being cancelled! My hope is, next year will be less eventful for you all in that respect!

We have some nice activities planned for those of you in school this week.

For those of you not in school we still miss you, but know that school in school in September will feel much more normal.

All the best & have a wonderful summer!

Mrs H x

Monday 13th July 2020

Happy Monday!

Here is a link to my video blog for today -

It’s our final week of term and we are nearly finished this school year! YAY…I am certain you are all ready for a well deserved break...It was great to see the bubbles back in school last week.

I really hope you all had lovely weekends, it  was lovely that the sun was shining again! We met our cousins for dinner on Saturday evening, it was so lovely to actually have a proper catch up and have what felt like a normal evening out with them.


Yesterday we went on a 20Km bike ride and we all did a 5Km run! Annabelle and I were a bit tired after it…

Have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later on!

Mrs H x

Friday 10th July 2020


Hello everyone!

Happy Friday, I hope you are all well and having a good week and had a great induction day too.

Please is a little link to a little video I quickly made for


I LOVED the amazing toucan art work you sent in :-)

We have been having a good time back in school but miss you all. Sadl,y the weather has been a bit rubbish so we haven't been able to get out as much but we are having fun and trying to keep things relaxed...


Have a super weekend!

Mrs H x

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning!

Here is the link to my video blog for today.

Lois also did a FANTASTIC presentation about racism that I wanted to share with you. Please take some time to read through it, there are some very relevant and important messages in there for all of us!


I will be in school today as I need to print a lot of bits and pieces. Last week, the photocopier was broken and printing too ages to sort out, so I am going in ahead of time just in case!! Wish me luck.

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Anti Racism PowerPoint by Lois Gromnicki

Monday 6th July 2020

Happy Monday!

It was lovely to be in school last week and see so many of you, looking taller and of course with longer hair!! It was a little strange not to be together, but in September we can all look forward to more normality in school.

On Friday, in school, we discussed many super ideas about Great Mythenden School. Tilly thought the children could come to school on a phoenix and Daryl had the idea the school could have a magical wishing fountain! We had a fantastic time talking it all through and it was so great for me (and Mrs Blake), to be actually teaching J. If you were working in school/home, and need to finish off, you can focus on that today. If you have completed, you can continue with today’s task.

Here is the link to my video blog for today -

I hope you were excited to find about your new class for next year too!

Have a super day,

Mrs H x

Thursday 1st July

Happy Thursday!

It's JULY...How did that happen?

Massive hello to you all at home, made a really quick video and will try and take some more!

Sorry, I will not be able to reply to all the emails, but as usual do what you can!

I miss you all.

Mrs H xx

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning!!

It’s a little bit grey out there today, sunshine please come back! The sun is saving itself for the school holidays J.

Here is the link to my daily blog -

We are all really busy getting ready to be in school, I can’t wait to see those of you who are coming in, and sad not to see those of you who aren’t. You will be missed but not forgotten, and we will try to send updates of what we are up to!

Tomorrow will be Science, French and you can select a music task to do also. We have a little project that you can have a go at too. I will be off line all day tomorrow, doing a combination of on-line training and work in school.

Have a wonderful day and stay dry!

Mrs H x

Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend even though we had a some rain!

Here is my  little chat through the day -

We enjoyed watching some of the Glastonbury footage on I-player, Annabelle particularly loved Coldplay.

We saw them in Chicago a few years ago, and she was sad she could not come with us, but she got to see what it was like on the TV instead!!


Have a super day and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Mrs H x

Friday 26th June 2020

Happy weekend!

Our last full week of distance learning is almost done!! YAY!!!

I am so excited to going back into school to see you all next week :-)

Here is the link to my little video blog for today.

Have fantastic weekends!

Mrs H xx

Thursday 25th June 2020

Happy Thursday!

My goodness it’s getting hot out there already!

WOW what weather we are having at the moment, it was uncomfortably hot yesterday, but beautiful in equal measure! I was moving around a lot trying to find a cool spot to work. I do hope you are enjoying the sunshine but do remember to wear a sun hat, sun screen and also drink plenty of water!


Have a super stupendous sunny day!

Mrs H x

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good morning!

I hope you are all well, it was very warm last night and I found it hard to get to sleep L

Benji sent me a wonderful video about deforestation and all the reasons why is it not a good thing.

It made me think about the things we need to do, to ensure our household is also doing it’s bit!

I know with Covid-19, illegal logging has increased in the Amazon because there are less people available to police it.

Here is the link to my video blog for today -

Have a lovely day and stay hydrated, drink plenty of water! It is going to be very warm.

Mrs H x

Tuesday June 23rd 2020

Happy Tuesday!

What another wonderful sunny morning it is!

Here is the link to my video blog for today -

Misty nearly escaped yesterday, I was busy banging away on my laptop, when Mr. Harrison spied her on the garden shed ready to make a great escape! Luckily, we managed to prise her down J!!  Later on, I thought she had disappeared again but thankfully I found her fast asleep under a plant. What a relief!!!

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Monday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning!

Happy Monday!

Here is the link to my video blog for today -

I hope you all have lovely weekends and have a good Father’s Day celebration yesterday!

We went to visit Annabelle’s Grandad and had a distance lunch in his garden!

On Saturday we headed to Waddesdon, it was lovely out there and there is a one way system to walk all around the grounds. It was not very busy and sadly no new flowers have been planted I also did not get a chance to take my new bike out as we couldn’t get it onto the car bike rack safely.

Oh well, maybe another time…


Annabelle had a distance sleep over with her friend on FaceTime. She had good fun and it ended at 1 am!!! We were all tired yesterday…

Have a lovely day and there is some very warm weather coming our way this week!

Mrs H x

Friday 19th June 2020:

Happy Friday!

It's the weekend... YAY!!

We are going to go to Waddesdon tomorrow! I am very excited as we haven't been in ages.

We are hoping to take the bikes and park around Aylesbury Park Way, apparently there's a cycle route the whole way from there! I will report back on that...

Here is also a link of Lois and Theo doing their distance text mapping J.

Today's video link is here.


Have wonderful weekends.

Mrs H x

Good morning!

Happy Thursday, sadly we have some rain today, the plants are all having a well-deserved drink!!

Here is a little link to my video update for today –

I am loving the deforestation reports coming in, a special shout out to Olivia and Jemima for their hard work on this. Theo and Lois did a really super collaborative report, on Zoom too. Without a doubt, we have the news reporters of the future, here in Year 4! I really want to find a way of sharing them with you…

The Duchess of Cambridge is doing an assembly today related to mental health wellbeing. I believe you can view it on the following weblink, but you will need to ask your parents to register -

Have a good day and stay dry!

Mrs H x


Wednesday 17th June 2020:

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday everyone J

Here is the link to my video blog –

It’s exciting to be going into school in a couple of weeks and we are busy getting ready. I have been updating the sharing wall but some of the videos you have sent in, are too big and will not upload.

Mr Tang also sent us a link to the Bucks online library.

You can rent a huge number of e-books and audio books for free - all you need is a library card!

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good morning!

Here is my link to the little daily update:

When we go back to school, Wednesday will become a project-based Distance Learning day! We thought it would be fun if you sent in some suggestions, we will put them on the website and the class can send in their votes! The tasks with the most votes will be chosen. Have a good think and let us know your ideas, it could be research based, a project to make something….the options are endless!

I’ll be excited to see what fantastic ideas you come up with.

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Monday 15th June 2020

Happy sunny Monday!

Here is my daily update -

I do hope you all had fantastic weekends and enjoyed the super sunshine. Let’s hope it lasts! The evenings are so light now, and the mornings too, I woke up at 5.30am today.

My brother and his wife came out from London to see us on Saturday, it was so lovely to see them and we enjoyed a super walk. They were happy to leave London for the first time in months...

Let me know what you have been up to?

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Mrs H xx

Friday 13th June 2020:

Happy Friday!!

The sun is shining it must be the weekend!!

Here is my video link for today -

My brother and his wife and coming out from London to sit in the garden this weekend.

We have missed going to see them and we are very excited to actually be with them in person. I suspect we will go on a long walk and chat about all the things we have been doing.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the dry weather and I hope the sun shines too :-)

Have a super one!

Mrs H x

Thursday 11th June 2020:

Good morning to you all!

When I first got up, it looked like the sun was going to make an appearance but it has changed it's mind I think!! BOO..

Here is my daily update: -

I have finally started updating our sharing wall, I'm sorry it's taken me soo long to do..I will try to continue to add more throughout the day.

Have a great day!

Mrs H x


Wednesday 10th June 2020

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I hope you are feeling rested and well!

Here is the link to my little blog for today -

Thank you so much for the amazing introductory paragraphs for your explanation texts. I am learning lots of new things…Dylan has shared that the word orangutan means, person of the forest! Jia has also informed me that whale sharks can live for up to 130 years. Theo and Miles are providing me with lots of interesting information about a Nordic mythical character called Fenrir. The list goes on….

I also learned this morning, while drinking my tea, that the most common word found in this years BBC 500 Word Story Competition was…coronavirus! That’s very interesting because the entry date was February 27th and no one had a confirmed case in the UK, at that point. It clearly shows that you all pay a lot more attention to news, than our politicians do J!

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs H x

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Happy Tuesday!

I hope this morning finds you all feeling well!

Well done for sending all the amazing work through, I hope to update the sharing wall today. Here is a little chat through today

We have been busy thinking about Woodrow for September, please be assured we have not forgotten about it, and if it can happen, we will do everything on our end, to make sure it does! There are lots of ifs, buts and maybes at the moment, but if we can, we will do it. 


Yesterday, Mr Tang did an assembly that I would like to share with you. 

This assembly is about racism and also related to the current and very unsettling events that have unfolded in the USA recently.  Sadly, when we lived in America, we saw some very unsettling realities first hand. These very inequalities exist today in our country and we need to continue to be the change. Please take time today to watch this very important message. 

We all have a part to play!


Have a good day everyone.

Mrs H x 

Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed being out and about a little bit more.

Here is my little video blog for today -

We went and had a walk around Blenheim Palace grounds on Saturday. It was really fantastic to be there, but it was a little bit cold!  We got a little bit wet too but that was okay. In the evening we also got an Indian from the Spice Garden on Saturday evening, it was one of the best take-aways we have had in lock down!

Yesterday I also met a friend for a walk I hadn’t seen I ages, I was really wonderful to have a catch up with her too.

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you throughout the day.

Mrs H x





Friday 5th June 2020

Happy Friday to you all!

Mr Tang loved hearing from you yesterday, well done with all your hard work!

Here is the link to my video blog for today -


We are going to Blenheim tomorrow for a walk around the gardens and booked a timed slot online.

I know the National Trust are opening up timed slots for Waddesdon and Cliveden, if any of you fancy checking those out.

Have a really great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you throughout the day.

Mrs H x

Thursday 4th June 2020:

Good morning everyone!

Today you are going to complete English, it is text mapping! So, you will be choosing icons for your text model map. You do not need to do every word...


Mr Tang has also got some amazing maths, related to negative numbers, he's excited to see all the amazing work you produce. Please send all your work today to,


Have a super day everyone!

Mrs H xx


Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I hope you are easing yourself back into distance learning.

Here is the link to my video blog for today -

Mr Tang is going to take over the Year 4 email address tomorrow, and will set your work. I believe, it will have a Maths focus, very exciting!!  Ms Read, Mr Romano and I will be spending most of the day on ZOOM! I will put the details of the email address for Mr Tang on the 4M page tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day!

Mrs H x

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020!

Good Morning 4MH!!

Here is the link to my little daily update -

I really hope you all had a fantastic break over half term and enjoyed this most amazing weather. I believe May has been the sunniest month ever on record in the UK! WOW.

We had a really nice break and went on some lovely walks, we even did a distance walk with a friend too and bumped into Izzy Buckland on top of Coombe Hill!

Annabelle had lots of bags of Lego to sort out, so I helped her do that and she finally built Hagrid’s Hut. We actually had all the pieces which I was completely amazed about. In our house, we open all the bags of Lego at once…you can take a guess how that ends up!!

We also took a trip to the garden centre and have finally planted some flowers in the garden. The coffee shop near us sells some lovely ice cream, it was a real treat to be able to go there and get one. Misty has been tempted to take a dip in the paddling pool. Life feel like it’s very slowly returning to a new normal…

I found these instructions on making a kite.

We are going to try and give it a go!

Have a great day and I’m excited to hear about any fun things you’ve been doing.

Mrs H x

Apologies, my pictures are showing up sooo small, I will try and sort this out :-(


Friday 22nd May 2020

Good Morning!!!


Wow, that’s the biggest block of distance learning we have completed without a break!!

MASSIVE congrats to you all, you’ve completely smashed it...!!! Just incredible dedication, by you and your parents, to keep this all going. Thank you to everyone.

I know some days it gets too much, even for me J! Yesterday, I had to stop and have a big ice cream at 3.30pm, I was completely hot and bothered. Sometimes I forget to take a break also, which I know I should do!

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely break and manage to get out and about in nature and enjoy the wonderful countryside, we are so lucky to have close to us.

Here is the link to my video chat for today

We will be back to distance learning on Tuesday June 2nd, as Monday 1st is an Inset day.

Have a fantastic break :-)

Mrs H x

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning!

I hope you are well and almost ready for a little break!

Here is the link to my daily update –

I found another coding website too if any of you fancy having a go -

Remember to keep the mindfulness going this week too! Try and do a little each day.

Have a good one!

Mrs H x

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Happy Wednesday!!

Here is the link to my video blog for today.

It is going to be really warm today, so this afternoon the hose will be coming out at some point! 

Enjoy the sun, remember to drink plenty of water and put on sun screen too.


You could set up a writers den in the garden to do your English, and see if you get inspired!!

I will be very excited to read your portal stories!! Remember to plan carefully and try not to make the story too complicated.


Have a great day everyone.

Mrs H x






Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope you’ve had a good start to your week.

Here is the link to my video blog for today.

I also wanted to remind you that this week is Mental Health Awareness week. Each day remember to take some time out for yourself, you could try and use some of the mindfulness exercises on the Well Being section of school website too.


You could also have a go at this Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga!


Have a great day everyone!

Mrs H x

Monday 18th May 2020:

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

It’s week 5, of the summer term, one more week until half term! WOW…

Here is a link to my daily blog:

We popped round to Annabelle’s grandma to wish her happy birthday on Friday evening. It was lovely to have a distance chat with her, in the front garden.

On Saturday we went out on another long walk and saw some pigs, they were very interesting to watch, and a few were very bossy indeed! Here is a little clip of them

We made another pie yesterday too…and when it was baked I did another 5K Run for Hero’s. Dylan has really inspired me to keep it going

Here is another great link I found, if you fancy doing some art Rob Biddulph, who is an author and illustrator, does some really fantastic drawing lessons, and well work checking out!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Mrs H x


The Rhubarb Pie:

Friday 15th May 2020:

Good Morning!!

Almost half way through the month of May already!!

It's been a busy week, I've been writing reports, thinking about the curriculum for the next half term and also wondering if we will get back in the classroom! 

Here is the link to my daily update -


We are going to visit Annabelle's Grandma today as it's her birthday. We won't be able to eat cake or go in, but we can have a little chat outsider her house.


Here is a link to the little clip of the truck and tractor procession through Wendover last night, for the NHS. - Very Exciting!!!


Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the wonderful lock down weather!

Mrs H x



Thursday 14th May 2020

Happy Thursday!

Beautiful sunshine again this morning!!!  We have been blessed with this most amazing weather since we finished school.  Maybe, we should go into lock down every summer and see what happens? (I am joking by the way J)

Here is a link to my daily update and a chat through the day -


Imogen, Isobel Capron and Sydney from 4MH, did some fantastic interviews with people, in and around Great Missenden, who lived at the time of the war and V.E day. Have a look if you haven’t seen them already! Here is the link

Have a fantastic day!

Mrs H x

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Happy Wednesday!

We all got up early and headed out for a short run, to blow the cobwebs out. I feel all set now for the day ahead. 

Here is the link to my little daily update for today -

Here is also a little link, to a coding website Yesterday, Reece (year 6) and I were having fun having a go, take a little look if you get a chance!

Have a great day everyone.

Mrs H x

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Hello everyone!

I hope today finds you feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep! A wonderful blue sky out there but it's cold... Here is my little chat through the day

It's National Nurses Day today, I have posted some resources below if you would like to have a go!

I am also updating our sharing wall regularly so send in any bits and pieces you want me to share send them in.

Have a great day and I will catch up on all the email now.

Mrs H x 


Monday 11th May 2020:

Good morning!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine on Friday & Saturday. We really enjoyed watching the V.E 75th anniversary celebrations, and listening to all the wonderful stories from that time on the T.V. and radio.

Here is my little video update for today -

On Saturday we cooked beer can chicken on the BBQ, it looks a little strange, while cooking, but tasted delicious!!

We also made a rhubarb bread and butter pudding. I have put the recipe below in case you want to have a go, as there is plenty of rhubarb around at the moment too. We didn’t have any ricotta cheese and it tasted just lovely without it.

We also discovered these pod casts by Greg Jenner, the man who wrote Horrible Histories!

They are really good, so check them out.

Mrs H x


Bread and Butter Pudding with rhubarb!

It looks a bit like a bacon quiche, but it tastes fab!


Thursday 7th May 2020


Happy Thursday &  V.E Day weekend!

Here is my little video message for today -

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy doing a little some thing, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of V.E day tomorrow. I am going to post some V.E day resources on our main page, that Ms Sharratt kindly created.


We are going to have a little special afternoon tea in our house, and of course you've guessed it, with cake :-))

Enjoy the long weekend and I hope you all take a good and well earned rest, from your distance learning.

Mrs H x

Wednesday 6th May 2020:


Hello everybody!!

It's Wednesday, and another wonderful sunny day it is too!!

Here is link to my blog for today -

We went out for a run, first thing, this morning in the fantastic sunshine, which was lovely! I might try and even do it more often.


Have a great day and get out and enjoy that sizzling sun too!! 

Mrs H x

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning!

The sun is shining and we are ready to go for another day of distance learning.

Here is my little chat through the day -

I also forgot to mention that we will be adding additional maths resources, if you would like some additional activities.  There is  a link is on the main Year 4 page, and I will start uploading some activities there today! Please feed back on what you think.

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Monday 4th May 2020

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

May the 4th be with you! Yes you've guessed it, it's Star War’s day!!

Here is the link to my video blog today -


We started our weekend with a 5K Run for Heroes, Dylan nominated me, we ran it as a family and donated £5 to the NHS. Annabelle struggled the last bit, but it was a great way to start the weekend and for a great cause too.


Annabelle did indeed cook Chicken Teriyaki, it was very good but we did help a little. Sadly, my chocolate tart didn't happen, as we had no chocolate, so I made a lemon drizzle cake instead!


We also went out on a long walk and checked up on the sheep and lambs from last week. They were all doing really well!!

Have a great day...

Mrs H x


Friday 1st May 2020


Wow we are in the month of May, how did that happen??

Here is my little video blog 

Annabelle is making dinner for us apparently. I will report back and let you know how that goes.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs H xx

Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good night's rest and are ready to go again this morning!

I have lots of reminders for you today...

 - The deadline for the Corona Poetry Competition is today. Please send all entries to Mrs Hardy by 4pm today

 - Mrs Hemsworth has also sent me a link for her MFL  survey,, this should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete!

- Miss Cartwright (Year 2), sent a link to free resources from the Oxford Reading Tree, there are a good range of resources from reception all the way to Year 6. As well as ebooks, there are lots of English, Maths, Phonics and spelling resources which are downloadable.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs H x

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning to you all!!

I spot some blue sky today and there is some lovely sunshine trying to break through :-)

Here is a little chat through what is in store for you today -

Have a good one,

Mrs H x


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello 4MH!!! It's Tuesday already...

Here is my little video blog with a chat through the day.

Keep the reading & TTRS going too!

Will be in touch in a bit.

Mrs H x

Monday 27th April 2020:

HAPPY MONDAY,  I can't believe this is week 4 of our distance learning!!

I really hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the fantastic sunshine.

Here is my little video update for you - ,

Have a lovely day.

Mrs H x


The Playground, looking really lovely!



Victoria Sponge - YUM!!

Baby Lambs!!

Still image for this video
This baby lamb was looking for it's mama! As we continued to watch we saw her mum, down in a dip inside the fence, with another baby lamb. Mum called back and the little lamb ran over for some milk.

Friday 24th April 2020:

Hello and a very HAPPY FRIDAY to you all!!

I would do some planting in the garden but I can't order any plants online, as they are all sold out :-(

Here is my little message for today.

I will be off line from about 11.30 today as I am heading into school. I will take some photographs for you!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs H x

Thursday 23rd April 2020:

Happy St. George's day everyone!!

Here is a link to my video blog for today.

Forgot to mention that Mrs Hemsworth has put some optional French activities here for you also.

I will be in school this afternoon so will be offline in case you need me. I'll be excited to read the Kennings poems!!

Have a great day!

Mrs H x

Here Comes Hercules 

Chapter 14:

Wednesday 22nd April 2020:


Good morning to you all!

Here is my little video blog for today with a little summary of the day!

Please drop me a line if you need help with anything.

Mrs H x


Here Comes Hercules :

Chapter 12

Tuesday 21st April 2020:

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday!! I am excited because we are starting our new rainforest topic today!

Here is my little video blog.

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs H x


Here Comes Hercules

Chapter 13:


Monday 20th April 2020:

Happy Summer Term!! It feels like summer too, so that's a massive bonus, YAY!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Easter break.

Here is a little video from me...

Let me know how you all are! I'm excited to hear how you're all doing and I hope you and your families are safe and well.

Mrs H x


Here Comes Hercules:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Easter Walk

Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday 3rd April.


You have survived two whole weeks of home school and your dedication to your work is absolutely AMAZING!!! Well done everyone I am soo proud to call myself your teacher.

I am about to post my little video blog (sorry it's late) but first some Easter baking...


Easter Rocky Road

If any of you wanted to try gather the ingredients for these treats to make at some point over the next couple of weeks! I was looking for egg free recipes, as I know that they are a little hard to find at the moment so baking is a bit tricky. If you have allergies make sure you use appropriate alternatives.

These are no bake so it’s a great activity to try, get help or have supervision with melting the chocolate and butter though. Remember to tidy up, when you are finished!!


I would not worry about the golden syrup or cocoa powder, if you have them great, we never bother adding them and they still taste amazing Enjoy!


Have a really lovely break and do try some of Mr Tang’s activities! Rest, and I am excited to plan more exciting activities over the Easter break. Stay safe everyone.

Love Mrs H x

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning!

Happy Thursday!

I finally managed to get around to reading chapter 8 of Here comes Hercules. Here it is!! I hope you enjoy it.

I am feeling a little under the weather today, so I will not be on my email as much. I'm sure I'll be right as rain again tomorrow!!

Sydney also sent through a nice yoga workout, see below, if you want t take a break from Joe Wicks. It makes a nice change.  I've also posted the mindfulness link on the main page, so please do have a go at some of those exercises too!

Have a wonderful day. 

Mrs H x


Tuesday 1st April 2020


Hellooooo Year 4!!

Happy April fools!

Thanks for all the wonderful work your sending through. I love the videos too.

I would love to upload them somewhere...

Here is a little video message, I hope it works as I think some people had trouble yesterday :-(

Have a lovely day.

Mrs H x

Tuesday 31st Match 2020.


Good morning everyone!

WOW, it's the last day of March, I can't believe it!!

Here is another video link -

I hope it works!

Mrs H 

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning,

I decided to try a video update today, I hope you can all access it!!


Mrs H

Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday!!!

Yes it is indeed Friday…!!

I hope you have all enjoyed your first week of distance learning! I know it’s a challenge sometimes for everyone…

Sadly, I haven’t managed to fix my laptop camera, I think it’s definitely broken and my iphone videos are too large so I have to try and find a solution for that. I think everyone is using cameras at the moment for work/school etc. so there aren’t even many online.

Anyway, on Friday evening we often watch a film as a family. I saw online this evening the Royal Opera House are doing a screening of Peter and the Wolf on their YouTube channel at 7pm Something a bit different to watch if you fancy it….and I know you were also looking at this in Music with Mrs Hulbert before we broke up.

I really loved all the videos you sent of your home work workouts, thank you Charlotte & Marshall! Theo did his work out on the trampoline complete with pictures. Benji even wrote down the music that should be played while doing the work out, sent me pictures and even drew his own picture. Miles also sent me amazing pictures for his workout, for every move!!  Thandie sent me a detailed list of the exercises and has given me strict instructions that I have to try it so I promised her I would do that today!! I’m scared…it looks very hard. Sydney’s family apparently worked up an incredible sweat too. AMAZING, well done everyone.

Barney did a fantastic recount for Greek day with super use of paragraphs and amazing handwriting, well done. Tilly also did a wonderful recount of Greek day lovely clear paragraphs and punctuation. Curtis, Lara, Izzy B and Jia I loved the time connectives you used for your paragraphs, in your recount too. Miranda and Cara you both typed up a super recount, well done!


You've all been working very hard on your Maths, well done Isobel C, Jemima, Olivia, Sydney, Dylan, Riley and Amelie!


I will post some of these on Purple Mash later today and sorry if you didn’t get a mention yet, I am still working my way through all your work.


I know some of you have been using ZOOM to stay is touch which is fantastic. Tomorrow evening we are doing a general knowledge quiz with some friends on ZOOM. Each family has prepared a round of 10 questions, maybe something you all could try! We are all going to join the meet at the same time and have some fun. We will mute the mic as we discuss the answers though..

Have a great day & weekend

Over and out,

Mrs H x

Thursday 16th March 2020

Good morning 4M!!

Happy Thursday!!! I had to say that because, I am getting slightly confused with my days of the week, this happens me during Christmas break too. As I fell asleep last night I remembered it was Miranda’s birthday yesterday, belated birthday greetings, I hope you had a great day!!

Thanks again for all the amazing work you are doing at home and for the photos and videos! Benji has been doing "It’s Raining Tacos" with Fuji, his dog. I will try and post that somewhere for you to see.

I also posted a PDF of Theo’s instructions on Purple Mash, he made a fantastic marshmallow Powerpoint, complete with photos, do take a look if you can! You should find it in the 4M file.  Sydney sent me a lovely photo her and her guinea pig, Acorn, which I also put up there J.

Purple Mash is very slow, I did try and set some activities up there yesterday but it took forever…so I decided to try again today. I also posted comments on Theo’s work and Sydney’s photo but when I logged in, as a student, I couldn’t see the comments I had made. I have also learned that I can’t post anything to our 4M wall unless the file has been created in Purple Mash. Basically, I am trying to figure it out and will spend some more time on there today investigating…what we can and can’t do!!

The weather is just glorious and it’s great to hear that you have been out enjoying your gardens! We did get out for another lovely walk yesterday evening and it was very quiet.  We are running low of fresh fruit and veg in our house and I may venture out later to get some but I also think maybe I could will wait until tomorrow to do that.

Oh I almost forgot to say, check out David Walliams' website, he has some great free activities up there, and he is releasing a free audio story each day for the next 30 days.

Have a great day!

Talk soon,

Mrs H x

Wednesday March 25th

Good morning to you all!

I am so impressed with all the distance learning and the work that you are sending through.

I know it's a little strange to work like this but I hope you are finding your feet with it all!


Just a couple of things I wanted to share:

- Isobel Buckland did a really lovely set of instructions for Nightline, and used different colours for each step, which I thought was great fun! She also included a great top tip.

- Generally, remember to use your capital letters and full stops and think about neat handwriting too. 


I tried to do a video clip this morning to you but I couldn't as the file was too big!! Oh well I will try to sort that out today. Please do take a look at the Body Coach work out, on YouTube, this morning too if you can. It's a great way to start the day, and you might need it for a task later this week!


Top tips from me:

- Take your time with the tasks we set, it's not like a normal school day where we are rushing to get to assembly or change for PE etc.

- Take plenty of breaks too, it's great to head out in the garden and enjoy this amazing weather.

- Drink plenty of water throughout the day also.

- Please let me know any areas that you want to go over in more detail.


Have a great day!

Mrs H x



Tuesday 24th March

Hello 4M!!

Wow what an amazing and lovely sunny day it was yesterday.

Annabelle and I are getting the hang of teaching and learning at home. Misty the cat has even started doing some TTRS!!  She has a way to go to be fair, but soon we'll do "It's Raining Tacos" with her, I might need to upload a video of that...


I was massively impressed by the work you all did, and have looked at it as it was emailed to me, but honestly I will spend more time today looking over it and sending you some feedback.  You can of course use the answer sheets to mark your work at home too. I'm really interested to know areas you found hard so we can look at other ways of explaining them more clearly to you all. Remember in Maths to always think about "why?". If you think an answer is incorrect, can you explain why you think that is so?


I do hope you move around at home and get out for fresh air in the garden too, that's really important. The Body Coach Joe Wicks, is doing a live exercise class on YouTube each day, at 9am, I will be doing it and I hope you will too. Generally though I don't feel like we need to leave the house much and am actually really enjoying taking our time doing things at home, and not rushing about. I hope you are all adjusting to a much more relaxed way of life.


Enjoy maths, writing your instructions and also doing your Trojan Horse project!! I do miss seeing you all. 


Over and out and I'll touch base with you again soon,

Mrs H x

Misty and Annabelle

Monday 23rd March, 2020

Good Morning 4M!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! We are getting used to "social distancing" in our house, and my daughter Annabelle is trying to get used to staying 2 meters apart from people, even her grandparents! It will take a little bit of getting used to, for all of us, and I'm sure for you all also. Remember it's not forever, and we all need to do our bit to keep those more vulnerable than us safe.


For Mother's day, Annabelle made me a lovely card, and helped make pancakes, I did cook them though...We also went out for a walk to get a little exercise. Then, we dropped some flowers around to Annabelle's grandmother and chatted to her on her driveway, while she stood at the door, she was very pleased to see us.


I'm very excited to hear what lovely things you did for Mother's day and even if you didn't do much, don't worry your mum will appreciate any small gestures you do at any time that help her.


Remember to keep me updated on how you are all doing and let me know how the class assignments are going, by emailing me on the email address below.


Chat to you soon!

Mrs Harrison

Our social distance walk and the weather was so beautiful!