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Welcome to Mr Romano's update page. Here I will let you know how I am doing. Highlight any good work that I have seen and also help with anything that all the class were struggling with. You might hear audio clips, see videos or pictures. Please if you are not sure about any of the lessons do send me an email. One last thing, I will be posting updates about the short stories of Mr Romano, watch this space! Stay safe and well. Thank you all!
These short stories are still in there draft stages, so will have lots of errors. Some of the errors I know about, some I do not. When reading them if you find any, let me know and send me an email so I can make the changes.

Update No. 32- The final week!


Good morning! I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. Well done for completing another successful week of distance and in school learning. I saw some fantastic Topic drawings from many of you of you last week. This Thursday we are hopefully going to be doing our Year 4 sports day, so if you took your skipping rope home before lockdown started back in March, can you make sure that comes back into school on Thursday because you will need it for one of the events. 


It's the last week of what has been a very strange year for all of us. I have been so proud of each and every one of you. Let us now finish the year together and our heads up high! 

Update No. 31- Virtual induction day


Good morning, today is going to be a special day as there is no distance learning. Today we would like you to participate in the virtual induction day. You will find tasks set by your new class teacher which will get them to learn something about you and for you to learn about them. It is going to be a really good and fun day and I hope you enjoy it. Please make sure you send all work to your new class teacher.


See you in school tomorrow!

Update No. 30- It was great seeing you last week!


Good morning! Hope you all have had a lovely weekend. I do not know about you but I was exhausted from the amazing two days that we had in school. The way each of you have come back into school was incredible. I know that some of you were nervous about what school would have been like but hopefully those two days convinced you that school can still be school even though we are socially distanced and in bubbles. I would like to say a huge well done to all of you of being aware about social distancing and keeping to it. We have a lot of fun ideas planned for our remaining four days in school.


Things that I am looking forward to this week; Wycombe Wanderers are playing in their second play off leg tonight, Wycombe being a local team so I am fully behind and supporting them tonight as they look for promotion. Thursday when we are all back in school, we have some great plans for this week and we will keep you in the loop if you need to bring anything in. 


Have a great week and I will see some of you on Thursday! 

Update No. 29- Top trumps and Posters


Happy Wednesday to you all! I am looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow back in school. We have lots of exciting sessions planned for all the year 4 classes. For those of you who are not joining us we are still putting up our Maths and English lessons on the distance learning page. 


I have seen some amazing work already this week, the top trumps that some of you made were so good and creative. The Mr Romano ones were fantastic and made me laugh so much at some of the spells that you created for me. I am hoping to get a display of these pieces of work on the update page by the end of the week. Yesterday, once again you blew me away with the creativity of your text mapping skill but also your actions. The posters that some of you produced for Topic were wonderful and some had a very powerful message. Below this update will be Bella's poster and I was extremely proud of the design of her poster and the message it gave.


Have a good day, I will see you tomorrow!

Update No.28- We are back!

Update No. 27- Here comes the sun


Wow it has been a busy week already! As a team we are working a lot on what school is going to look like for us in bubbles. We are working hard on each of the sessions that we are going to do in school and we are looking forward to sharing this all with you next week. It is going to be different and probably difficult at first but we can do it together. With the sessions where we are doing lessons, for those of you who are not coming back into school, we will still be posting all the Powerpoints and worksheets on the distance learning page.


The English wish stories have been fantastic. Some of you have been so creative with your magical creature ranging from, hamsters, snakes and even a mouse. I have loved reading what you have written and I cannot wait to see the edited and final publish piece tomorrow. Just with the explanations texts I will create a folder next week so you will be able to read the published pieces written by members of the class.


This week, I have had to change a lot of my tennis time due to the heat, to make sure I am staying cool and safe, so have been playing more in the evenings. I am still looking for suggestions for our Wednesday projects days, if you have a thought or idea about what that could be, please email me.


Have a good rest of your week and will be seeing some of you very soon! 

Update No. 26- Mr Romano does follow a premier league team.


Good morning! This is the final week of distance learning in its current format. If you have opted to come to back to school that is starting next Thursday. There will be slight changes to how we are doing our distance learning, make sure you are reading all the instructions carefully. One change that I mentioned last week was that Wednesday are going to be a project focus day. This is your chance to have a say in what you would like the whole of year 4 to do. Send me a suggestion about what you would like it to be, could be something to make or do some research on something. The project focus will be decided by a vote.


Many of you over the school year have asked me do I support a premier league, I may not support a team but I do follow one. There is a big hint in today's maths video about the identity of that team. 


I am looking forward to seeing the completion of your wish story plans some of the ideas I have read already have been fantastic and I cannot wait to read all the stories that you write this week. Have a great week, it is going to be hot, so stay hydrated and safe!

Update No. 25- Where has the sun gone?


Hello, I hope you are all well. I am looking forward to seeing you when we are back in school starting 2nd July. For those of you who I will not see, I would like to say it has been a pleasure to teach you this year. My first year of teaching would not have been as interesting and brilliant as it has been without each of you, so thank you! Below you will find a link to a selection of explanation texts that were created by the class last week.


With going back to school, distance learning is going to look slightly differently and one big change is going to be Wednesday where we are going to set you a project task to complete. However, as a year 4 team we would like you to pick what project you do, if you send me some suggestions about what you would like, it could be picked! The projects can be research based or you could make something the possibilities are endless.


For me this week has been a week of looking forward to many things, yesterday there was extra content added to Pokemon Shield and also the return of Premier league football. I will be proudly wearing the Premier team shirt of the team I follow on Sunday. Have a look at the teams and who do you think it could be? Tennis has not been played as much this week due to the weather but hopefully will be playing some today.


Keep going, I have been so proud of each of you, the dedication and the attitude shown during this difficult time has been amazing! Have a great day.

Update No. 24- Hope you all had a good weekend!

Update No. 23- Happy Wednesday!

Update No. 22- Stickers!!!

Update No.21- Mr Tang is taking over year 4!


Yes that is right, tomorrow (Thursday) Mr Tang is taking over year 4, he will be setting your work/challenges over on his Youtube page, I will attach a link tomorrow. Myself, Mrs Harrison and Miss Read are going to be spending tomorrow in a zoom call going through a lot of important things for you all and for us.


For tomorrow you will need to send all your work to and not the usual 4R one. We will be back to normal on Friday. 


I have been amazed by the work that I got sent yesterday, the answers for English were incredible. One of my many favourites was one by Kasper and he wrote;

Why is the sky blue?

Because it is a giant smurf (the clouds are the hat).


Another one from Betty;

Why are gummys often shaped liked bears?

Because all the other animals were offered the job but they said no because money payment was not high enough, but the bear said yes!


Wonderful, each one I was sent made me laugh and smile. Great start to the new term keep it up!



Update No.20- We are back!

Update No.19- What if I had a superpower?

Update No. 18- Get Up! Music video


Last week we were asked by Mrs Phipps (Year 3 teacher) if we wanted to be apart of our own Great Missenden Get Up! music video. The song was released by King's daughters and I think the song has a very important message about being positive and having a growth mindset. It was incredibly fun to be apart of. I am in it and I am sure if you watch the link below you will be able to spot me.


I am in school Monday and Wednesday, so there will be a delay in responding to emails but will catch up where I can. Last week before half term, lets make it amazing! 

Update No.17- It's Friday!

Update No.16- Shorter update- Tennis is back


With the recent government announcement they said that Tennis clubs can reopen. I spent a bit of yesterday down at my local club to get it ready. I am looking forward to getting back to playing tennis. Along with tennis, I am also going to try and fit in some golf at some point.  There will be a bigger update tomorrow, with highlights of work. Looking forward to all the work that I get sent today and tomorrow! Have a good day!

Today (12th May 2020) is national nurse day. Below I have attached some resources about national nurse day that was sent to me by Mr Sperring. If you would like to you can complete the task for national nurse day but this is optional. I think that this day is very important to celebrate due to all the fantastic work that both male and female nurses are doing, as well as the NHS. 

Have a look at the powerpoint and if you do complete the task, send it to me so I can see.

Update No.15- Bank Holiday Weekend

Update No.14

Update No.13- May the fourth be with you!

Update No.12- 2point6 Charity Video

Tennis 26 Challenge

Still image for this video

Update No.11- New Format!

Update No. 10

Its Friday!!!! So you all know what that means. Its brilliant book day. Well done to all during this week. I have been blown away by the poems that you have created, the perseverance in maths and the creative lanterns that you made. What a fantastic first week of summer distance learning back. 


Each one of you has deserved a rest over the weekend. In my last updated I mentioned about my boiler, well it was not fixed on Tuesday as the whole boiler was needed to be replaced. However, that is happening today. I am really looking forward to having hot water again. I had a lovely evening last night participating in the virtual pub quiz. I was on Facetime with my family and it was good fun (especially as we won last night out of our family friends group for the second time in a row. I should mention I have only been doing it with them the last two weeks with them, so clearly I must be making the difference.)


Have a lovely Friday and weekend, let me know what your plans are and what you get up to. Keep sending me something that you are positive about. Thank you all for a fantastic first week!

Update No.9

Wow I have been amazed at the work that was produced yesterday. The poems that you created were amazing. Lots of different vocabulary, amazing alliteration (see what I did there) and Betty even got hers to rhyme. All in all it has inspired me to have a go at my own.



Second season of the year,

Picking fruit, brings such a cheer.

Running in the woods,

In and out as the sun beams through.

Naughty new-born lambs jumping playfully in the field.

Going to miss spring once it has gone, but not for long.


Let me know what you think about it!


Have a great day, keep sending me things that are positives. My positive today is that I am getting my boiler at my flat fixed after just over a week of it not working!

Update No.8

Welcome to the summer term! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, let me know what you got up to. Over Easter I did some things with my family over Facetime (which were mainly quizzes). However, most of my Easter was spent resting and preparing for this term. I am looking forward to seeing what you got up to over Easter, so please do let me know and all the amazing work that you are going to produce. 


With the work there have been a few changes so read todays (Monday 20th April) carefully. If you have any questions please send me an email and I will get back to you as quick as I can. This week (Thursday and Friday) I am once again supporting key worker children in school so may not respond as quickly as normal. 


One last thing, my flatmate and I have started playing Lego Star Wars together which is great fun as this was a game that first came out when we were around your age and for those of you who don't know I have taken on the Mr Tang challenge from the brilliant book and growing a lockdown beard and it is going well.

Stay safe all and I'm looking forward to the summer term!

Mr Romano :) 

Update No.7

Morning 4R! How are you all doing? A shorter update today. Wow I am seeing some amazing Trojan horses that you have created. School is very empty and strange without all of you here with me. Some of you may have seen that on Mr Tang's YouTube page (check it out if you have not already) there are some bedtimes stories that teachers have been recording. They are all excellent and amazing. Well today's (Wednesday 1st April) I have done the bedtime story. Have a watch and give me some feedback.


All of you are doing amazing and I am so proud of each and everyone of you. Keep going and keep sending me something positive from your day!

Update No.6

Good Morning all! I am sorry for the lack of updates but I thought I would do one big one today. Starting off with well done for getting through your first week of distance learning. I can see some of you are working really hard and taking time with your work which is great to see. I have seen some fantastic recount pieces of writing, amazing Trojan horses and really good decimal and fraction work.


On the topic of work, it is vitally important that you are sending me your work everyday. As a class less and less children are sending me work. This is important as we will not get this time back. If there are any issues please do let me know and I will help the best I can.


Lots of you have been sending me pictures of food that you either cooked or baked. This has made me very jealous and hungry. So I thought I would do the same. My flatmate and I have been trying to cook for each other, which for me is great as my flatmate is a great cook. I am just starting my journey of cooking and practicing with different recipes. One of my favourite meals to cook is curry and this is what you will see below.


Some of you may have noticed that I have not done any chapters of Nightmare! and I will be honest I am having writers block and everything I seem to write does not seem to be good enough. So I am going back through the chapters that I have done and I am editing them. 


This week I am working in school with the key worker children in the morning, so you may not hear from me till the afternoon. It is really strange not having all of you here with me. Have a good day and keep sending me stuff that is your positive moment of the day.

Update No.5

A bit of a late update today. The weather this week has been amazing and lots of you have been getting out to enjoy it, which is great to see. The work that you have been sending me as well has been great and I can see that some of you have been spending a lot of time and hard work on it. 

I am currently writing chapter 6 of Nightmare! Hopefully that will be out tomorrow watch this space. I am going to put the other stories on the update page for you to read with family members if you would like to. If you find any edits that I need to do, let me know!

I am currently working on my computer set up to hopefully do some videos, this will take me time so I will let you know when it is ready.

I was watching a video this morning and it was all about trying to find the positives in this strange time. So I am asking each of you to send me a positive thing about your day!

Have a great day!

Update No.4


Good Morning all! What a lovely day it was yesterday and I hope you are using your time to enjoy it wisely. Some of you have sent me photos of you and brothers/sisters having water fights yesterday. Thank you for all the work that is coming in and I can see that you are trying your best and hardest.

Just a few things I am noticing though especially with English. Please check your work! I saw a lot of work yesterday that were missing capital letters and full stops. You all know what this means if I see work done and you have not checked through crying.


I did forget to mention yesterday that alongside playing some Animal crossing in the evenings (manged to get my first house, send me a guess to what you think the colour is?) I have also invested in Disney + and started watching a show last night that I have been waiting months for. Send me an email if you think you know what it is. 


I am hoping to have a piece of equipment to arrive today via post, which means I can start doing some vlogging and video teaching and maybe even a Mr Romano Youtube page. If you have not already check out Mr Tang's Youtube page. 


One last thing, shout out to Kasper for making an amazing Trojan horse yesterday. His plan was great and the way he has created his Trojan horse was well thought out. I know many of you have done the plan with the model to come later so I am looking forward to seeing them as well.


Have a great day and I will catch you up with another update tomorrow (could be one that included a chapter from nightmare!) Watch this space!

Update No. 3


Good Morning all. 

Wow what a day it was yesterday. The emails that I was getting about not just the work you have done but what else you have been doing made me very jealous. Some of the walks that some of you went on yesterday and the places that you went to were amazing. One piece of work I was sent was done by James. At home James made his own school and rules that he will try to follow (I am sure you will). I love this idea, let me know if you made your own school at home what would you name it and what rules would you have?


My day yesterday was not as good but it was nice seeing what each of you have been getting up to. I mentioned yesterday that I was looking for a new game and I have found one! I have followed the hype going all around at the moment and have invested in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Some of my favourite streamers are playing this at the moment and it is a nice peaceful game perfect for the evening. 


I am seeing you playing on purple mash (email me for log in if you don't have it) and TTRS its great. I also did the Joe Wicks PE at 9am which is being streamed on youtube which is great to be active whilst at home.


As many of you may know food like sport is very important to me and to finish my day yesterday my flatmate and I shared the most amazing chocolate fudge cake. The question is what do you have with it? For example I had custard (cold) with it whilst my flat mate had cream. Email me with what you would have had.


I have ordered a piece of equipment that will help me do a little bit of vlogging so watch this space! 


Have a great day all, stay safe and look after yourself and your family!



Update No. 2

Good morning all! I hope you all had a fun and safe weekend. I will be honest, I did not do much. I am trying to find a game series that I can play and work through during this time. If you have a suggestion for me let me know. It has been a strange weekend, I phoned my mum on Mother's day to see how she is doing. My mum and the rest of my family are well. What did you get up to on Mother's day? As many of you know I really like sport and not having any sport on telly at the moment is making my weekends dull. However, formula 1 has started an e sports series on line and the first one was last night (Sunday) and it was brilliant. It brought back great memories of myself and my best friend Alex and our late night gaming session on Formula one games. We are both not very good and kept on crashing. 


I have seen some amazing pieces of work on Purple Mash. Darius has designed some amazing cars and Florence made some amazing milkshakes. If you do not have your log in, please do email me and I will send you all the details. 


Stay safe, have a great day!

Update No.1

Well having just finished the craziest week I have ever done in teaching. It goes to say that I would not have been able to get through it, without my amazing class. Keep an eye on the distance learning page for your daily tasks. We have also started in the school purple mash. The children who were here for schoolrow! have got their log ins. If you would like yours to have a look at the site and have a play let me know and I will send them to you. I am going to finish with two words; Thank you.