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Advice for parents in returning to school

 Tips for Parents & Caregivers – preparing your child to return to school 


We cannot wait to see everyone back in school, following the Covid 19 pandemic. We've missed everyone so much and it will be fantastic to have them back- we've got so much planned to have fun with before the year is over.


Given the huge disruption it has caused to everyone's lives, here are some tips on how to prepare your child for returning to school:


  • Start talking - your child might have worries about returning to school. You can explore these and help them think of ways to manage them using the resources on  the Family Links website
  • Ensure your child knows their bubble, bubble leader and room- this will help with transition
  • We ask that you ensure that your child comes to school prepared with the following items on the first day back: A pencil case with two working pens, pencils, colouring pencils/ pens, a ruler, rubber, scissors, glue stick and anything else you feel might be necessary.
  • Suncream (that they are able to put on yourself), summer hat and water bottle. These are really important if this lovely weather continues.
  • A reading book that you are reading
  • Sleep Routine- help your child return to their normal sleep routine before school starts again.  A “How to…” guide on improving sleep could be a good place to start. 
  • Talk about school – start to talk through the daily routine that they were once so familiar with. It doesn’t have to start as a conversation about worries, but these might arise as you talk
  • Model coping strategies you use when feeling stressed such as reconnecting with friends before returning, doing regular exercise or using breathing techniques. If it applies, you could share your own worries and feelings about returning to work and ways you are managing these feelings
  • Make yourself available as much as possible – they may want to come and “debrief” but maybe not when you expect. Create space for talking in different ways, such as going on a walk together or baking together – there may be less pressure in these circumstances than when sitting face-to-face
  • Look at the positives – as schools reopen, other things will too. It might be helpful to talk about things the child is looking forward to, like their favourite shop reopening, seeing friends in the park or getting ice cream from their favourite cafe
  • If you have any concerns, please email your class teacher via the class email- these will stay live until the end of the term. You can also email the DSLs on