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Alphabet Stories

Here are a selection of the wonderful stories you produced!


Allow me to tell you a story about a zoo.

Begin by sitting in a comfy chair because you may need it when you gasp and stare.

Come on in and let me show you the nasty horrible zookeepers.

Dirty Dan was so stinky you could smell him a mile away.

Every animal covered their noses in horror when dirty Dan walked by.

Fiery Fred was known for his uncontrollable temper and whipped the animals when they did something wrong.

Gorillas cowered in the corner of their cage whenever Fiery Fred was near.

However, the zookeepers did not know that the animals planned to get revenge.

It was a nasty cold day and the animals were starving because the two brutes never spent their money on the animals.

Jingo the Lion was determined to get revenge on the zookeepers, so he called a meeting with all the animals in the zoo.

Kangaroos bounced over their cages.

Lemurs climbed into the lion cage.

Monkeys swung to the lions cramped, scruffy cage.

Now all the animals were there Jingo could begin.

” On this day I call you here to help me get revenge on these rotten men.”

Peggy the penguin cheered, and the rest of the animals whooped.

Quite late that night the gorillas pounded on their cage until CRASH the cage door toppled down.

Roxy, the biggest gorilla, ran to the lion cage and CRASH the cage door toppled down.

Silently the lions crept out of the zoo and into the zookeepers’ dirty disgusting house.

The lions pounced onto the two men.

Unfortunately, the leader Jingo made them stop before they did any proper damage.

Viciously the lions bared their teeth and reluctantly walked away from the zookeepers.

When the animals had quickly ran back to their zoo an ambulance arrived.

” You horrid men need to come with us to the hospital.”

X-rays were taken and the horrid men never showed their face at the zoo again.

Zoos are better without horrid zookeepers.




By Bella

“Audrey “I shouted.

  But before I could shout again, I saw a.

  Clown dressed all in pink with glitter.

“Did you shout for Audrey” said the clown

Eventually I replied, “yes have you seen her”. 

Finally, Audrey appeared, why were you shouting for me.

“Gosh” said Audrey looking at the pink glittery clown.

“How funny do you look? “said Audrey. 

“I know “said the clown “ I love pink”. 

Just then the clown pulled out a small pink car.

“Keep your eyes on the door” said the clown.

“Looking closely, I could see something in the car.

Magically it started to change shape

“No “shouts Audrey it starts to.

Open the door and slowly appearing.

Peeping at us from inside the car.

“Quick “, before you scare them” the clown said.

Red long flowing hair comes out of the pink car.

Shining in the sun was.

The tallest and most magical.

Unicorn, Audrey and I had ever seen.

Very soon the unicorn appeared.

“Xavier is my magical unicorn  my pet said the clown.

“You are welcome to give him some cuddles and pats if you would like” said the clown.

“Zara the fairy princess brought him for me” said the clown.


By Olivia

ABC story


Amazing people travel to amazing places all around the world!

Big, exotic places or small, not so exotic places.

Cautious of where they stand.  And I will be writing about them, only…

Drip, drop, drip, drop goes the annoying tap in the corner of my room.

Exiting things happened in these exotic places, such as finding animals that are hardly ever seen.

Fantastic discoveries were made and are still being made now:

Gripping expeditions to jungles and mountains,

Heroines sailing away to foreign countries,

Incredible sights and hopefully NO DRIPPING TAPS!!!

Journalists, like I was saying, write it all down so that people can imagine what it is like to be there.

Killer whales once attacked a boat in the water, which is probably where my dripping tap is coming from!

Lions once leapt at a car on a safari, where there were probably no dripping taps.

Many more exciting things happened like I have already said before I got carried away.

No-one has ever been to ice bridges and survived, which is a shame really because the water there was frozen and not dripping, and of course it would have been very interesting to read about too.

Other explorers have written about diving deep down into the Mariana trench in a submarine and have written books about it. Drip, drop…

Pretty peeved I strode over to the tap and gave it a good hard kick.

Quickly I ran over to the table to stop the papers from being swept away by the wind from the open window.  Where was I…

Ravenous beasts lie in the depths of the ocean.

Simply waiting, waiting to pounce at their prey,

That’s why only utter nitwits go there. 

Unbelievable stories have been told but nobody is certain because whoever goes there does not return! Anyway off that subject…

Victorians discovered phones, cars, photography…taps?  Dripping taps…?

Where was I…

Yes, of course, Victorians…discoveries….drip…drip…. so tired of hearing the dripping now…



By Isobel

My two cats

By Lara 


Another day with my two cats.

Because they drive me crazy as they are very cheeky.

Cheeky they are of course but also very sweet.

Duchess is very shy as someone hurt her.

Ella was also my cat but she had to be put down.

Forgetful they sometimes are but stupid they are not.

Getting cat treats, they really enjoy.

Hugging them when I am upset makes me feel better.

I love them very much and hope we have them for a long time.

Jackets they are scared of but they do not mind shoes as they sniff on them.

Kissing them you may not want to do because they eat mice.

Lurking about in the neighbor’s garden and fields.

Monday is their favorite day of the week.

Nosing around everywhere so do not encourage them into your garden or you will be very sorry.

Oh my goodness not another mouse in the house.

Pouncing on leaves is their hobby.

Queenie is very brave she can run very fast when her enemy is around.

Ruby is queenies enemy as she is a bit of a fighter.

Sleeping is duchess’s dream to do all day every day.

Tuna is their favorite type of fish.

Usually they cuddle up together on their bright red pillow.

Various cat toys are lying in their room.

Water they love drinking but they do not like being splashed at as they hate being wet

X rays at the vet they do not like.

Yes they are crackers you may think I am crazy.

Zoos do not want them because they are to wild

Pirates – Eloise, 4Rrrrrrrr


“Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh” shouted Captain Fisherhook, with glee.

“Behold our latest haul” the pirates looked at the mountains of treasure that was laid out in front of them.

“Crikey” said the 1st mate, he had never seen so much gold in all his life.

“Down into the ships hold, take it quickly” said Captain Fisherhook. He wanted to ensure it was safe and nothing would happen it it.

Everyone moved quickly to hide the treasure.

Fisherhook felt pleased with himself.

“Great work everyone” he shouted.

He cracked open a bottle of beer to celebrate and everyone else did the same.

Ignoring the celebrations, later on in the night, Captain Fisherhook took himself to bed as it had been a very long and tiring day.

Just as he was crawling into his hammock, they was an almighty boom and the ship rocked from side to side.

‘Kraken’ Captain Fisherhook thought to himself, the giant squid that can sink ships.

Leaping out of the hammock he got dressed quickly, all the other pirates were now waking up and they looked terrified.

“Men” he shouted “We are under attack from the Kraken get the cannons ready”

Nothing was going to steal Captain Fisherhook’s gold. He wanted to put his feet up and retire, doing sudoku and having afternoon naps.

On the deck of the ship it was mayhem, the pirates were running around doing their best to avoid the Kraken’s tentacles as they wrapped tighter around the ship.

Percy the parrot squawked loudy, “Save the gold” and Captain Fisherhook, knew that he would only get one chance to get it right.

Quickly he aimed a nearby cannon right into the mouth of the Kraken.

Ready, aim, fire..

Splat, the Kraken slid back into the sea, and let go of the ship.

“That was close!” thought Captain Fisherhook

Underwater the Kraken slid down to the bottom of the ocean.

“Very good work” said Percy as all the pirates celebrated their victory

“We can retire finally, no more battling sea creatures.

Xmas is on the way soon, with all this gold we will have a really great time

Yawning all of the pirates headed back to their hammocks.

Zzzzzzzz they were all exhausted, it had been a very busy day…

Apples I said as I walked through the shop, that’s one of my list.

Bananas hooray just 24 more to go.

Carrots where are you, oh there you are.

Dogs are next, actually a choco bar.

Eggs I need you please come to me I’m on my knees.

Fruit fruit that what I need you’ll taste good with salad and peas.

Grass, mmm I’ve already got that.

Ham yes that’s in the meat section.

Ice cream oh what a selection, chocolate, strawberry it’s all just perfection.

Just then I saw my friend, “hello” I said, he couldn’t hear.

Keep going I thought only 15 more.

Lucky there’s no queue.

More to go still that’s not good, I must get a move on.

Nice nice 12 more to go.

Oh look Mr Tang in the chocolate aisle at least something’s given me a good little smile.

Potatoes, that’s good.

Queen olives yummy yum.

Rats yuck I don’t want them.

Sausages they look nice.

Time is running out.

Unlucky me I forgot tea.

Very quickly I go and grab it.

Will I make it in time. I need to be done by 4pm.

Xylophone there it is.

Zebra I found it, I got there in time.


By Arthur

Zebra by Heera 


Ah! The Moon!

Bright and shiny, that’s what the humans say.

Can’t you see us aliens can only ever see the dark, gloomy side of it?

Dark and gloomy – HOW is that beautiful?

Elegant and gentle – compared to an inky black disastrous world.

Flowers, they talk of the Moon as if it is like a flower, I mean what even is a flower?

Great, I just found out what it is; a beautiful plant, SERIOUSLY the Moon is not a plant!

Ha Ha! They have a day when their Moon disappears every month, every month, take that humans!

I think that they are hilarious, how is the Moon a plant?

Just wait, we’ll get back at them for sending a rover to our planet, we had to stay inside for three years!

Koala, kangaroo, kettle – I can’t understand their complicated language.

Like they care – they are so mean to their planet. I heard they started something called global warming. Plus, they call it their world. What about the lions’ and the birds’ and the bees’ world?

Moon, they say it is a pearly white gemstone in the night.

New Moon comes and it disappears, if they want to see a beautiful gem they should look at our Sun – it’s a red giant!

Oh! I can see their Moon – it’s wonderful!

Please Moon – forgive me what I said about you – can I be your friend?

Questions, questions, I have so many questions about this mesmerizing floating cosmic object in the sky.

‘Right everyone! Come out and see THIS!’

Stars were bright in the skies as everyone marveled at the beautiful moon.

Though everyone was tired, we all stayed opened mouthed, not daring to sleep while it was out

Until all at once it disappeared!

Ventured had the moon to come out. I was sure it would come back tomorrow.

When the days passed by, no sign of the Moon was seen, all we saw was the dark one.

Xylophones played music every night, in hope to impress the Earth’s Moon. But it never came.

Zebra we named our moon, the dark one, after an earthling donkey.

Spencer's story

Theo’s Absolutely Awesome Alphabet Story


A wonderful thing happened to me last Tuesday.

Before I got out of bed, I knew there was something different about my room.

Cuttlefish swam round my legs and crabs scuttled by my side.

Darkness covered me and I realised I was at the bottom of the ocean!

Every breath felt heavy but I was not drowning.

Fish suddenly froze and darted away as a figure glided into view.

Giant and muscly, I knew it must be Poseidon with his white beard and golden trident.

“Help!” I thought, “What have I done?

I must really have got myself into trouble this time!

Just when I thought he would throw his trident at me, he stopped and smiled.

“Kid, I need your help with a riddle” he bellowed. 

“Let me explain, my brother Zeus has set all the gods a riddle and the prize is power.”

My brain was jumbled – why had he chosen me?

“No one solves riddles better than you, not even Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.” Poseidon added.

“Of course I’ll try Mighty One” I replied, feeling flattered.    

Poseidon thanked me and gave me a scroll that said “If I am in front of you, you cannot overtake me but if I’m behind you, you cannot go slower than me.”

Quickly it came to my brilliant brain.

Rapidly, I shouted “I have the answer and it is a shadow!”

So what did I get in return for helping a God?

Turning to go, Poseidon walked to his steed, a beautiful black stallion standing on the coral reef which I knew was Xanthus, the immortal horse.

“Until we meet again, kid” said Poseidon handing me a smaller version of his trident.

“Very cool, thanks!” I shouted.

What a beautiful trident it was I thought as Poseidon mounted his magnificent steed.

Xanthus kicked up some sand and galloped off into the blue.

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to use the trident to wash Mount Olympus with a Tsunami.

Zeus, I hear, is still shouting at Poseidon… 

The Friendly Ghosts


Another normal day in the Dumont household.

BANG! A loud noise came from downstairs.

CRASH! There it was again.

Dread gripped hold of me.

Even though I was terrified

Fearlessly and silently I tiptoed down the stairs.

Gulp, it was the Blue Phantom.

“Hello.” Said the Blue Phantom in a deep growly voice.

Just then I heard another loud noise.

KNOCK, KNOCK! On the other side of the wall.

“Leave this to me.” Came a strange ghostly voice through the wall.

Mysteriously a man floated through the wall.

Never have I seen anything like it before.

Open mouthed I stared at the man.

“Please explain how you did that?” I asked.

Quietly the man whispered “I am a friendly ghost.”

“Rrrrrreally!” I stuttered.

“Seriously.” he replied.

“The Blue Phantom and I have come for a cup of tea.”

“Under the new rules we are now allowed to have tea with the living.” stated the Blue Phantom.

“Vampire is joining us as well.”

Wings silently flapped past my ear and there was Vampire.

“Xander is my name.” said the Vampire.

“Yousef the ghost said you were making tea?”

“Zhejiang tea is my absolute favourite!”


By Reuben 4R

Oscar's story

My Life as a Bee.

By Miles


A life as a bee is very boring. Buzzing around always looking for food for someone else. Can you imagine that? Do you wake up to go outside and find food for your family all day? Even in the evening?

Fun was a distant memory. Getting out of the hive was even difficult with all the other bees around. However, one day something unexpected happened…

I was leaving the hive and setting off to find a delicious dandelion. Just as I got round the corner of the bench, I saw a huge orchid!!! Knowing how juicy and rare they are, I swooped down at it as quickly as possible. “Look out!” I shouted to myself as I noticed a giant’s (human) leg. “Many moving giants!” Now there were loads of giants everywhere! “Oh no!” People are so annoying. Quickly, I got out of the way. Ruthless brutes. So slow and always protecting the best flowers. Towering above me, they strode past the bench, the orchid and me. U-turning, I swept over to the orchid. Viewing it up close was amazing; I collected as much pollen as quickly as I could. While I was there, I could finally get away with eating something tasty myself! Xmas was nothing on this!!! Yes, this was the best day to be a bee. Zest restored; I flew a much happier bee.

Cara – Alphabet Story



Brooms in the sky,

Certainly wonderful, circling tonight,” said Mr Conundrum.

“Definitely a night to remember,” he continued.

“Elegant and graceful,

Fantastic and wonderful,

Gorgeous and crazy.”

He spoke to the crowd who were sitting in their seats at the circus waiting for the show to begin.

“I have a trick that will blow your minds,” he went on.

Juggling conjurors appeared in the ring, singing and dancing as they juggled.

“Keep watching carefully,” Mr Conundrum said to the audience.

Lucifer, the juggler suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke.

“Magnificent and marvellous magic” Mr Conundrum said to the crowd.

“No fake trickery here, just magic,” he said.

“Oooooh,” said the crowd as Lucifer levitated higher and higher.

“Please stay in your seats, do not stand up.” Said Mr Conundrum.

Quick as a flash, Lucifer flew above the audience’s heads while lights flashed around.

Running to the centre of the ring, the jugglers did amazing acrobatics.

Suddenly cheerleaders appeared with pom poms in the ring doing amazing things.

Then, a loud drum roll filled the air.  Mr Conundrum shouted, “ Ready, ladies and gentlemen!”

Unicorns cantered into the ring and weaved in and out of the cheerleaders and jugglers. Then,

Vanishing in to mere mist all the performers disappeared.

“Where did they go?” and “When will they reappear?” asked Mr Conundrum.

Xylophone music played across the ring.

“Yes that was that the end.  You are welcome and goodnight,” he said and with a wave of his wand

Zapped the audience back to their homes. 


Izzy's story

Sienna's story

Yasmin's story

Thandie 4M

Alphabet writing 



A long time ago there lived a cactus called Cactus.

But  Cactus was no  ordinary cactus, he was alive.

Cactus wanted to fly like a bird, he flew up up up and then

Down down down he fell.

Every day for hours and hours he practised flying.

FLUMP, he always fell down no matter what.

Grasshopper his friend came one day and, 

Helped him to fly. 

It was a long process then,

Jenny the Giraffe came along and,  

Kicked Cactus high into the sky he, 

Loved it, because he felt like he flew!! 

“MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMY I flew high in the air ” Cactus shouted to his mum.

“NO, I don’t believe you!!!” Said Cactus’s mum “But I did!” He said.

“Oh, well done.”

Please, can I show you? Questioned Cactus 

Quickly,Cactus, Grasshopper, Jenney and Cactuses mum,   

Ran to the park to show Cactuses mum he could fly.

So, Jenny kicked him up again and he flew  up up up,

Till no one could see him. 

Until he came tumbling down

Very quickly. 

Wings, no he hasn't any, he landed with a crunch

Xray, xray xray

You are so naughty shouted

Zebra the doctor!!!


The zoo!

By Amie 


All the animals beginning to awake

Bee’s buzzing in the summer flowers

Children exited for the visit at the zoo

Driving in the car we are all screaming with excitement

Eventually we arrive and cant wait to see the animals!

“Find the tigers first Amie shouts!” , be patient says mum

“Go to the gorillas !” screams Mikey. Be patient says mum.

“Hippos are next” says mum

“I’m so hungry” says Amie

“Just wait a second” says mum. “If you are patient you can have a treat!”

Kit kats!!!

“Lunchtime everybody!”

Mum gets out the picknick

Nobody likes the pickles

“OoOoO ill have them!” says dad.

“Perfect! Says mum. Now there will be nothing to waist!

“Quick! The penguins are being fed some fish lets go and watch!”Says dad.

“Run!! We don’t want to be late!”

Sid the penguin feeder, feeds the penguins some fish that slip out his hand!

“To the car lets go home. “says mum .

“U r k park was the best thanks for taking us!” says mikey and amie

“Violinists are on the side walk look!” says amie.

“What was your favourite animal?” asks dad.

“X-Ray Tetras were so cool” said Mikey

Yes, I agree but not as cool as the beautiful zebras !!!!!!

Zebras! We all agree. Now lets go home !!

Harry's story




A virus has come to town, it has quickly spread from around the world.

Being a nuisance is its job, taking peoples lives and stopping everyday life as we know it.

Covid-19 they have called it, a new virus, never been seen before.

Distancing ourselves, 2 meters apart to help stop the spread,

Every one hates it.

Friends and family want to meet , we are all missing everyone.

GO AWAY Corona virus we don’t like you.

Home is where we stay, no going to school or work, or play.

I just want to go back to school and to return to my sports with my friends.

Jolly times Is what we miss, going around to a friends house for tea, or having a birthday party!

Kicking a ball at home is not as much fun as with my friends.

Lots of changes have to be made, and these will have to be here for quite some time.

Mums and dads are fed up with kids on electronics,

No one likes it.

Ollie and I are lucky to have each other but we also annoy each other!

Please, please, please stay safe.

Queuing for the shops is just like christmas.

Really hoping to see you guys soon

Sunny days have helped, fun in the garden and even camping out.

Talking on face time as well so we can actually see friends and family.

Under my duvet hiding from my parents, I don’t want to do my schoolwork today.

Vaccine’s are being tested, we hope it wont be long until they have one.

We will meet again, and this will all be history.

X- ray vision so we can see into the future would be good right now.

Yawning I’m tired now so that’s all from me.

ZZZ… ZZZ…ZZZ it is time for bed…..

Kasper's story

Amelie's story

Rowan's story

Curtis’ Alphabet Story


A gamer was playing a game on his PC one night.

But he was playing at 3am!

Cause he couldn’t get to sleep.

Darkness was in the room and the only light was his PC.

Everyone else was asleep.

Full moon came through the curtains.

Growling sounds.

He had the shivers.

Inside the house he heard footsteps.

Jo, his online friend in America said there’s no sound.

K (the short word for OK)

Let’s try to fix it.

Mum’s asleep we should be quiet.

No one was around

Or was there??

POP POP POP went the popcorn machine.

Quadruple scared!

Right, let’s find out what is happening.

Suddenly, there was a noise very close. A

Terrific bang!

Ugh. My brother farted.

Very smelly.

Xtra smelly.

You should learn that you should never play games at 3am.