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Please read the below instructions for the arithmetic paper carefully. You will need to set a timer for 30 minutes.
You will not need any equipment other than a pencil and a rubber for this paper.

We have done so much arithmetic practice in class so none of these style of questions should be new to you. Make sure you read the questions carefully and if there is a 2 mark question you must show your working as even if you get the answer wrong, you might get a mark for your working. 


Here are common mistakes that we see in the classroom:

- Not showing working.

- Copying the question down wrong.

- Copying the answer down wrong when transferring it from your working to the answer box (if the answer is wrong in the box you wouldn't get a mark).

- Not reading the question properly so doing + instead of - for example.

- Numbers not showing what you want them to show, 0 looking like a 6 for example.

- Missing out decimal points.

- Not checking your answers!


If you finish within the 30 minutes you should use all of the remaining time to check your working and your answers.

Good luck :)

Once you have completed the 30 minutes, please mark your work (or ask an adult to go through it with you if they are free). You will find the answers in the below document from pages 17-21.

Now count up how many marks you achieved out of 40 and please send this score to your teacher, it won't be until Friday that we can let you know your combined maths scaled score as we need all three papers to be completed before we can work this out.


If there is an area you need further support with please ask your teacher and we will be happy to help :)