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Today we are going to do some artwork and I would like you to think back to the start of the year. We have done this type of drawing in art lessons before - 'Still Life'. We did some still life drawings of things we found in nature when we were looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy.


Today linking to our science lessons, we are going to look at drawing some fruit and vegetables. Start by opening the ‘Still Life’ PowerPoint and discuss the slides and then get on with the task.

The activity is also described on the last slide.


Before you start you might want to watch this short clip to give you some pointers: Remember to use your growth mindset whilst drawing and know that is OK to start again if you want to.


Open the optional ‘Warm Up’ Document if you want to get really arty!


Activity: Today we are going to try and draw two still life pictures linking to what we were doing in science this week… Fruit and Vegetables!


Step One: Find some paper and a pencil. Step Two: Find a piece of fruit and a vegetable from your kitchen (if not look up some pictures on the internet!) Step Three: Place the objects in front of you and try and sketch the outline to the best of your ability. It might take a few tries but stick with it and see how you get on. Step Four: You can then shade and colour using colouring pencils or your pencil.


Plenary: Open ‘Fun Fruit and Vegetable’ PowerPoint to see how one artist has had some fun with fruit and veg!