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Brain breaks

Brain breaks-

Brain breaks are an essential for keeping yourself productive and motivated! Sometimes when we have been working for a long time or sat still for a while or can't complete something we get fidgety and frustrated. Brain breaks are a way to let off steam, relax, stretch, exercise and shake it all out of our system. A great way to shed that negativity and carry on with what we are doing after a little respite to "re-boot" your brain!

Just say "I need a brain-break!" and try out one of these...


Wake and shake:

These videos from the learning station are great for kicking off the day and there are tonnes of silly songs to choose from for in the gaps!


Super movers:

You can choose your age-range and subject, the music is there to help keep you on the learning but also to take pressure off of your memory and energise your body!


Cosmic Yoga: 

Super yoga is a fast paced, high energy, 5 minute break-

Brain breaks are 2 minutes and brilliant- 

Silly and active disco dancing-


Ideas for when alone:

This is a great break idea if you need a quick distraction from the problem at hand to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Take your left hand and have your fingers in and your thumb up.
  • Then take your right hand and put all the fingers in except the pinkie. So in other words, your left thumb up and right pinkie out.
  • Now switch the roles of your hands. And now try doing it faster.

Not as simple as it sounds!

There a lots of simple hand related ideas here: wiggling your fingers, trying to make a ripple, touching all of your fingers individually on both sides as fast as you can. 

It's also just as easy to simply stand up, jump around, and shake it all off! Give yourself a "dance" or "shake" break!


Ideas for with a group:

"Simon says" is a classic, you can take turns to run it and do lots of active, silly, controlled movements before you settle back into it! 

Check out this page if you want more relaxing versions of the things you're already doing, or maybe you just wanted to try something in a different way, there are lots of lovely resources here that you should find fun and helpful for constructive at-home play: