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Celebration of music at home

I have been overjoyed that children have continued to practice, write, and perform their own music at home during this time of distance learning and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing your work - Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, videos, photos and music.

I have been so impressed with the standard and talent that I would like to share some of this with the school community. 


Work in year group order below - Well done everyone!


If you feel inspired you can find musical activities on the Music distance learning page.  Please do keep sharing your music with me and I will update this page again next half term:


Jai 1BR - Chrome music maker composition

Still image for this video
Jai has consistently worked hard on weekly music tasks throughout distance learning and produced some fantastic work. It is never too young to start writing music - amazing creation Jai - well done!

Miles 2C - Drumming

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Miles chose to provide a fantastic drumming accompaniment to the song about continents of the World year 2 were learning this week. Amazing work Miles - future rock-star we think!

Poppy 2C - Musical composition

Still image for this video
Poppy used Chrome Music maker to create a wonderful digital composition - Fantastic Poppy, you worked hard at this and we love it!

The Defries Family Band

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This is one of my absolute favourite videos of lockdown!
Edward (2C) Sam (4G) and their brother William (now at secondary school) have created a band using junk percussion and materials from their home. It is such an amazing sound, so musical and really creative. I love receiving videos of the children making music with their siblings and families. Ensemble playing is so enjoyable and such a big part of musical development. It is however the element that can be tricky to reach with distance learning, so I love it when families get involved and support each other. Well done boys and thank you for your amazing effort!

Cicely's Junk Percussion!

I absolutely love this video of Cicley playing her own drum-kit assembled from various items and recyclable materials. Cicley has an amazing sense of rhythm and creativity with music and this really shines through in this wonderful clip. Well done Cicely!

Stanley (3S) and Isla (6K) - Thank you NHS Staff

Great Song adapted by Isla and Stanleys Granny to celebrate the NHS on International Nurses Day.
Isla and Stanley created and added hand made percussion and performed the song themselves - what a musical family!

If you would like to have a go at singing/playing this song they have kindly provided lyrics and chords below.
Let us know how you get on?

Lois - 4M - Wonderwall

Lois has created this amazing rendition of 'Wonderwall'. She worked out the chords all by herself on the piano and recorded the tracks and all the harmonies in GarageBand. This is wonderful work all round, a great performance, fantastic use of technology and a fabulous display of musicality. Move over Gallagher brothers - Lois is in town!

Reuben 4R - Pull together

Talented singer songwriter Reuben has been creating a number of songs at home since the lockdown began. This one is my favourite - a great uplifting song to cheer us all up. It is brilliantly written, produced and performed - excellent job Reuben, we absolutely love it!

Rory (5M) - What a Wonderful World

Still image for this video
Rory and his Mum (AKA our very own Miss Waddell) sent me this beautiful video of their makaton performance of Louis Armstrongs 'What a Wonderful World'. So much work went into learning this, and it really is stunning. What a wonderfully original idea for some musical learning.
Well done Rory, I really enjoyed this incredible piece of work!

Bella (5W) - Ripples

Have a listen to Bellas wonderfully original composition, created using GarageBand. Bella has produced a number of Garageband tracks this term and I always look forward to hearing them. She does a fantastic job of keeping a good structure to her music and a great variety of sound, her tracks always have a clear beginning, middle and end. I love this one and think the name matches the music very well. Well done Bella!

Isabelle (5B) - Fight Song

Isabelle sent me this amazing recording of her singing an accapella version of Fight song and I love it! Isabelle has such a warm and confident tone to her voice, and sings this song beautifully. Well Done Isabelle and keep up this amazing singing!

Issys Pop Groove (5W)

Issy has been exploring digital composition and created a great upbeat track using the live loops function in GarageBand. Very catchy - brilliant work Issy!

Nellie 6S - 'Times Get Tough'

Have a listen to this great work from skillful singer songwriter Nellie. An original composition, inspired by recent times, it was written, produced and performed by Nellie - Well done, you worked really hard on this and we love it!