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For your comprehension today, we would like you to focus on a text called 'The Lost Queen'. 
You should aim to get the questions answered in 20 minutes (but you can give yourself a maximum of 30 minutes if you need to). You must read the text first before attempting the questions. This gives you the best chance of getting as many marks as you can as you will know the text.

You will need to answer the questions 1-11 from the '2016 Reading Answer Book' which are on pages pages 4 to 7. Find the '2016 Reading Answer Book' below.

You do not have to answer on the computer, you can answer using paper and pen if you wish.

If you are stuck on a question have a go, you've got nothing to lose!

Remember to read the instructions carefully; if it says tick you must tick, if it says circle two answers you must circle two answers to get as many marks as possible!

Please mark your answers using the 'Reading Marking Scheme'. You will find the answers from pages 7 to 12. Check carefully if the questions are worth 1, 2 or 3 marks.


Good luck!