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These are some of the activities we will be doing in the classroom if you wanted to try a few of them at home this week with the children. 


Provide the children with one-handed tools, sticks, beads and buttons to create summer-themed wind chimes.


Using fresh fruit, make some ice lollies for the children to enjoy and observe the process of freezing and melting. 


In a tray, cut up some summer fruits, for example strawberries, raspberries or mango. Invite the children to taste the fruits wearing blindfolds or while closing their eyes. Support the children to describe the taste of each fruit. You could use these describing words to create a shared summer fruit poem.


Draw a picture of somewhere you would like to go on holiday, use your imagination.... it can be anywhere, real or imaginary. 


Create a rock pool- you will need clear plastic tray or container, water, sand, shells, pebbles and plastic sea creatures. 


Using items from around the house think about what objects would sink and which ones would float. Use the attached sheet to record your findings.