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Great Missenden Church of England Combined School

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Curriculum Intent



Everything we do at Great Missenden is led by our vision which is ‘Believe and Achieve'.  During their time at Great Missenden, we want all our children to develop a real love and thirst for learning which will remain with them for their entire lives, preparing them for the challenges of secondary education and enabling them to flourish in all that they do.


We believe that an exciting, deep curriculum is essential for children to be inspired to learn and we work hard to make our curriculum irresistible and inclusive for all. Through rich and engaging cross curricular Topics for Learning (based on the National Curriculum), we motivate learners ensuring that they have a broad and balanced curriculum and many memorable learning experiences during their time at Great Missenden. All Topics for Learning are rooted in enquiry, with a question and concept-based approach to learning and are inextricably linked to our school Christian values: Truth, Love, Faith, Courage, Respect, Community.


There are strong connections in all areas of learning and our Topics for Learning have very strong English links. Through the use of quality and inspiring texts, we ensure that children have a real purpose and stimulus for writing.  Great importance is placed upon providing real life enrichment opportunities including residential visits; day visits to a range of places including the National Space Centre, Hughenden Manor, Museum of London, RAF museum and regular visits for all children to Abbeyfield Supported Housing where they actively promote intergenerational support and learning.


Children’s confidence, self-assurance and leadership skills are developed through Junior Leadership Team, Eco-Warriors, Sports Leaders, Mindfulness Ambassadors, School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) and Reading Buddies, all of which provide children with a real opportunity for experiencing roles of responsibility and being effective role models to others.


  • We follow a number of frameworks to support our learning for example:
    • We use the Letters and Sounds framework right from the start of pre-school.
    • There is an emphasis on explicit vocabulary instruction and understanding meaning in all lessons.
    • In English we use Talk for Writing to immerse the children in their learning, promoting the highest expectations of language.
    • We believe strongly in the Maths mastery approach and use a number of resources including White Rose Maths, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, NRICH and Classroom Secrets.
    • We have a specialist music teacher for the whole school and a specialist language teacher for KS2. They also provide extra-curricular opportunities beyond the school day.


Our school vision, values and ethos are embedded in our delivery of the National Curriculum, through which we nurture our children to enable them to grow in their faith, develop enquiring minds and taking responsibility by being global citizens. By the time children leave Great Missenden and transition to Secondary Education, we aim for them to have the confidence, resilience and maturity to be well prepared for the next stage of their educational career.