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Day 3

A Creative Task

We are aware that along with all of the core subjects we have been setting you, we also want to give you the chance to get creative and maybe show off some artistic talent!

Today you will need to be imaginative, creative and think outside the box. We would like you to make something, this can be anything.


It could be:

a piece of art work

something in the garden

something out of a construction set e.g. Lego

a meal

a piece of writing

a video

something for someone

a science circuit

a dance routine

The ideas are endless. 


As long as you can say 'I chose to make...' or 'I made..' and you have taken your time on it to be the best piece of work it can be, we are happy :)


This is due in on Friday to give some of you longer to complete the task and not feel like you have to rush it. Please send over a photo and/or an explanation about how you spent your time completing the task and possibly why you chose to make what you did.


We look forward to seeing what you all chose to do.