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Day 5


Today we would like you to dedicate half an hour of your day to reading. We hope that most of you have a book that you are currently reading but if you don't, you need to pick one and just read for pleasure. Think carefully about which book you are going to pick and which book you might enjoy because you've been recommended it or you've read the blurb and thought it sounded interesting.

Put your phones/ tablets/ laptops out of the way for just 30 minutes and enjoy reading in a quiet and relaxing place! We hope you can continue to do this over the Easter holidays too because as we regularly tell you, reading is so important and all of you should always have a book on the go!

A message from Mrs Marman

Hello 6C!


I am missing you all dreadfully and love getting updates from Miss Cartwright on your progress and news . Since we left school a few weeks ago, I decided to give myself a challenge. I have lived in South Heath for nearly 4 years and love cycling from my house, through Ballinger and The Lee in a loop. Some of you may know Ballinger Hill, it is steep and unforgiving. I always dismount and walk my bike up the hill. Today however, I managed to cycle all the way to the top - I felt euphoric!


Over Easter, why not challenge yourself to something that you find hard? It could be a sports goal, learning a new skill, nailing all your times tables. I’ll give a prize to the most dedicated class member.


Good luck, keep safe and have a wonderful Easter.

Mrs Marman xxx

Creative Task
Also, your creative task is due in at some point today. Please send photos, explanations, writing, videos, voice clips etc etc to your class teacher when you have finished it. We're looking forward to see what you have made!