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Distance Learning Legends!

Thank you to everyone for sending in their incredible work. 

Here are a few people who have really blown me away with their effort, we're updating all the time! 

Well done 4G team, keep it up!


Carys's amazing instructions, 24.3.20

Trojan horses (start 24.3 finish 31.3)

Oscars incredible recount! 26.3

Amelies' "Get Fit Granny" Workout!

Carlota's Brilliant Greek Day Recount 27.3

Bella's emotive Greek Day Recount!

Rowan's fantastic full day of Distance learning! (Look at that Maths!) 30.3

Heera's exceptional text-map! (excerpt) 30.3

Still image for this video
It had trouble uploading but had such flawless punctuation and clean. crisp actions-well done!

Oscars' terrific text-map! 30.3

Alaina's precise text-map! WOW! 30.3

Still image for this video

Caleb's entertaining plan! 31.3

Oscar's excellently punctuated Here Comes Hercules Chapter! (so funny!) 3.4

Amelie's Here Comes Hercules Chapter...

What a legendary story with some familiar names and faces...

Carys's Here Come Hercules Chapter...

So many incredible and exciting ideas- well done for reading so beautifully and self-correcting excellently. It's so in character for Hercules and of course CJ's work would include penguins!

Caleb's thoughtful SPRING acrostic poem - 20.4

Amelie's beautifully organised Guided Reading! 20.4

Ashleigh did amazingly on AYN?! Maths today! 20.4

Belle's incredible SPRING poem! 20.4

Lucy's amazing SPRING poem- blown away! 20.4

Heera's acrostic worksheet-so many ideas! 20.4

Robin's incredible Rainforest haiku! 21.4

Oscar's loquacious haiku! 21.4

Zara's delectable doughnut poem! 22.4

Bella's wonderful watermelon poetry! 22.4

Sam's incr-edible Ramadan lantern (made with ginger biscuits and boiled sweets!) 23.4

Ben (and Charlie's) hilarious rhyming poem- WOW! 24.4

Alaina's perfect poetic postcard! 27.4

Belle's informative text-map actions! 28.4

Still image for this video

Lucy's brilliant laid out text-map! 28.4

Rowan's doing PE and ICT?! What a superstar! 29.4

Still image for this video

Oscar's awesome "Big Bad Wolf" letter! 29.4

Zara's (beautifully acted) letter as "Wolfy"- well done! 29.4

Still image for this video

Amelie completed EVERY CHALLENGE in English, to perfection, well done! 1.5

Heera's casual GR interview...1.5

Amelie's delightful weather report- 4.5

Zara's expertly produced weather report, 5.5

CJ's creative letter with planned escape...5.5

Oscars' consistently outstanding letters, 5.5

Amelie, punctuation LEGEND, 7.7

Erin's excellently edited letter 7.5

Ben's perfect personification! 11.5

Rowan's marvellous metaphors! 12.5

George's Incredible opening paragraph 18.5

Sam's sensational character description 19.5

Heera's well balanced second paragraph...19.5

Alaina's descriptive, suspenseful story so far...20.5

Isla's adventure to the gem...22.5

Isabella's incredible adventure...22.5

Bella's awesome gem adventure! 22.5

Oscars' intense gem journey...22.5

Amelie's overwhelmingly amazing portal adventure! 22.5

Carlota's hilarious "Why?" game answers! 2.6

Arthur's EPIC Topic research...2.6 (and Maths, oooh)

Alaina's scripted "why?" game answers! 2.6

Alaina has worked so hard on all of her Topic, she has such an awesome book! 3.6

Heera's incredibly detailed Portal story....5.6

Zara has also submitted an AMAZING portal story to me with incredible illustration, but it's too big to put up! If you would like to read it just drop me an email and I can forward it to you (with Zara's permission). It has mermaids and underwater adventures and jokes! Great job Zara!

Rowan's excellent explanation text! WOW! 12.6

Zara's incredibly informative explanation text! 12.6

Oscar's interesting explanation text! 12.6

Arthur's wonderful Woolly Mammoth text! 12.6

George's amazing explanation text! 15.6

Belle's incredible text map! 16.6

Still image for this video

Alaina's exciting text map! 16.6

Still image for this video

Alaina's sweet deforestation report...16.6

Still image for this video

Amelie's heartwarming Guided Reading reunion...17.6

Stanley's awesome character introduction...(with drawing!) 23.6

Stanley did lots of editing/improving! Well Done!

Belle's beautifully written character introduction...23.6 (updated with full story 26.6-WOW!)

Rowan's outstanding Wishing Story (look at that layout, and illustration!) 26.6

Amelie's exciting wishing story! 26.6

Caleb's wonderful, dragon-y wishing story! 26.6

Harriet's f-f-f-fantastic wishing story! 26.6

Arthur's fun wishing story! 26.6

Rowan's terrific Tuesday text map and poster- 30.6

Belle's detailed deforestation poster! 30.6

Rowan's "Lively Lessons" 7.7

Caleb's Terrific Topic Toucan! 7.7

George's Lively Lesson Plans! Very exciting...7.7

George and his incredible toucan, too! WOW! 7.7

4G's EPIC Rainforest Diorama's - 14.7

Alaina's outstanding Great Mythenden Prospectus (no illustrations, but I've seen them and they're AWESOME) 14.7

Belle's beautifully organised information text! 14.7

Erin's incredible prospectus- WOW! Lovely details. 15.7