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Maths Day!

Year 5 Maths Day introduction

Warm up- puzzle!


I've made you some puzzles to warm up. You need to work out the name of the faces I've drawn. All of the names are from Year 5. Watch the video for more on how to solve them!

Year 5 Face Puzzle

Maths Day!


The focus today is on algebra- I've got a lesson for you and some fun activities too. Watch the videos on how to attack algebra and use the powerpoints and worksheets. All answers are included so you can self mark. If you need help or would like to show me or Miss Rodger what you've done, please email us on (not the class emails for today).


If you get stuck at all, email us on and we'll do our best to help.



Mr Tang

Lesson 1- How to find the value of letters using algebra

Algebra Lesson 1

Lesson 2- Algebra Challenges!

Algebra lesson 2

Paper Aeroplane Competition!


Make a paper aeroplane- there are loads of designs on the website below (or you can try making up your own, of course). All you'll need is an A4 piece of paper. Design your aeroplane carefully and decorate accordingly.


How far can you make your plane go? Pictures or videos can be sent to!

Year 5 Paper Aeroplane Challenge