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Our next unit of work will look at portal stories. This is a type of story that can take us to many wonderful and magical places so we’ll start this week with some weird and wonderful setting descriptions to get us going!


We’ll start off our work on these stories, as we usually do, with some quick writing to get our creative imaginations flowing. Today we’ll look at ‘setting’. You have done this before so it should be familiar. When you step through a magic portal you could end up anywhere.


Firstly, chose a picture from the attachment below (Setting Pictures) it can be one provided or feel free to choose your own. The next step, is to collect words. Please collect mainly adjectives and verbs. We have learnt about these at school but the children may need some reminding. Open the ‘Collect words’ attachment and in that document will be an example and a blank grid for you to use.


Hot & Spicy – Chose your picture and brainstorm words to describe the setting.

Mega Hot – Chose your picture and complete the collecting words grid.

Are You Nuts – Chose your picture, complete the grids and then try and use some of the words to write a sentence describing the setting you chose.