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Yesterday we looked at setting descriptions and of course, setting is one of the most important parts of any story, especially magical stories when the setting could be wonderfully weird. Today we’re going to look at another key part of any good story- character. Characters can be heroes or villains or somewhere in between, but without them stories don’t get far! So, today we’re going to start thinking about characters using a skill we have already looked at – similes.


First you need to choose a character. You can choose a hero or a villain!  Open up the ‘Characters Ideas’ document below and there you will find some pictures to either chose from or give you inspiration to choose your own. If want you could use someone you know as your character, a family member or even a teacher. Or if you are feeling really brave you can make up a character.


Once you have chosen your character I then want you to come up with some sentences including similes to describe them. For example, if I had chosen the Hungry Caterpillar I might write …


The Hungry Caterpillar

He is as greedy as a bear.

He is as long as a ruler.

He is as green as the grass.

He is as hairy as a hamster.

He is as kind as my Mum.

He turns into a beautiful butterfly as colourful as a rainbow.


Hot & Spicy – Try and write 3 simile sentences to describe your character.

Mega Hot – Try and write 5 simile sentences to describe your character.

Art you Nuts – Try and write 5 simile sentences to describe your character but also try and include adjectives such as: The Hungry Caterpillar is as green as luscious grass.


I have also attached the ‘Similes PowerPoint’ and a ‘Simile Word Mat’ if you need some reminding about what a simile is or some ideas about how to start your sentences.