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Over the last two days we have warmed up our writing skills with some work on settings and characters. Today we are going to look at the story that you are going to write. Or rather, the story that you are going to finish! But not until next week, we will spend time getting to know the text first. Your first mission today is to read or have read to you the start of the story…. It’s called the secret of Great Mythenden!


Open up the document below and take a look – Remember to put on your imagination hats as it is just a story!


So that is the start of the story, but how it ends is up to you! The magic, rainbow stone was broken into 7 pieces. Each has been flung through a portal into a different magic world.


 As Year 1, our mission is to get the Orange Stone back! All the children at Great Missenden School will be working in their year groups to get the other colour stones back! Now open and read our ‘Year 1 Model Text’ to find out what has happened to our Orange Stone!


So, for today we are going to focus on our model text… Like you did with the letter and the various other texts we did at school, we are going to learn it! So that means our actions and pictures to story map the text!

First have some fun and make up some actions to go with the model text. You do not have to do it all, see how far you can get. Feel free to send a video of this to me if you can. Then after that have a go at drawing key parts to represent the text (like you did with the letter). Remember these can be rough doddles and do not need to take too long. The idea for the acting and pictures is to just get the text into our heads as much as we can! Good luck and have fun!


[A note to parents, if you have children of different ages they could choose one of the model texts so they can work as a team with the actions, and then they could work independently for the pictures or do the same, whatever works for you.]