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Today we are going to ‘Read as a Writer,’ which means we’re going to look closely at our model text to see what each section does and what/why it is included in the writing. This will help us to recognise key features and then hopefully when we come to write our own finish to the story we can use some of these features and skills.


Firstly, re-read the model text and try and identify in the text the five different paragraphs below:


Paragraph 1: Magical setting description.

Paragraph 2: Character description- the hero and their magic power.

Paragraph 3: Journey to the magic stone.

Paragraph 4: Building suspense- the final approach to the monster.

Paragraph 5: Describing the monster and then … a cliffhanger ending!


Then open up the ‘Boxing Up Paragraph Grid’ document and see if you were right!


Finally, now we have looked at the paragraphs, I would like you to look at some of the key features and different skills used within the text. The sentences, punctuation, word families etc. Open up the challenge you want and have a go at the activity.


Hot & Spicy – You will be reading the model text and then with different colours highlight the following:

Full Stops, Explanation Marks, Question Marks, Adjectives and Verbs. 'Model Text to Colour Code'.


Mega Hot & Are You Nuts – Read the model text and fill out the questions in the grid, looking for key the features.