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Story Writing- Portal Stories


Yesterday we looked at setting descriptions and of course ‘setting' is one of the most important parts of any story, especially magical stories when the setting could be wonderfully weird.


TUESDAY: Descriptive Writing - Fantasy World!

Today we’re going to look at another key part of any good story - character. Characters can be heroes or villains or somewhere in between, but without them stories don’t get far! So, today we’re going to start thinking about characters with some wonderfully weird, warm-up poetry about characters!


Skill Focus:

Today we are going to look at the key skill of using SIMILES! A simile describes something by saying it is like something. We use the words like or as to compare one thing to another thing. For example, here are two similes:


                Mr Tang was as fast as a cheetah. Or - Mr Tang ran like a cheetah.


Today’s poetry lesson is all about similes. We are going to say our characters are like other things. 


Step 1: Choose a character!

Now first you have to choose which character is going to be the topic of your poem. You could choose a hero or a villain! There are pictures below for you to choose if you would like to but of course you can choose your own, or make up a character or even write one about someone in your family, or even a teacher!



Step 2: Time to create a simile poem 

Look carefully at the picture of your character and choose some of the key features eg. hair, eyes. Next think what you can compare them to.


I have found an example about this dragon to give you an idea.


For example:




As always, try to think about the different skills you might be able to use in your poem.


Use the Steps to Success to help you:


Hot and Spicy: Use carefully chosen adjectives 

Mega Hot: Try adding alliteration

Are You Nuts?!: Try using adverbs (ly words)


I've attached a Similes Word Mat below which you may find helpful.