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Story Writing- Portal Stories


WEDNESDAY: The Story of Great Mythenden!

Over the last two days we have warmed up our writing skills with some work on settings and characters. Today we are going to look at the story that you are going to write. Or rather, the story that you are going to finish!


Step 1: Read the start of the story...The Secret of Great Mythenden!

(It is attached in a PDF below.) Either you can read it or ask an adult to read it to you.


So that is the start of the story, but how it ends is up to you! The magic, rainbow stone was broken into seven pieces. Each has been flung through a portal into a different magic world. As Year 2, our mission is to get the Yellow Stone back. All the children at Great Missenden School will be working in their year groups to get the other coloured stones back! 


Step 2 - Read our 'Year 2 Model Text' through a few times to find out what has happened to the Yellow Stone

(It is attached in a PDF below.)


Step 3 - Learn the text using pictures!

Now it’s time to map out the text using pictures. Just like we have done before, draw pictures for as much of it as you can manage. 



  • You don’t have to draw a picture for every word.
  • Try to write as few words as possible. 
  • Chose pictures that you will remember. 
  • You don’t need to be an artist to complete this task!
  • You need to chose quick and simple pictures. 


Step 4 - Learn the text using actions!

As an extra challenge, you might want to come up with some actions too to help you start memorising the text!