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Story Writing – Portal Stories


Thursday – To identify key features of a text.

Today we are going to ‘Read as a Writer,’ which means we’re going to look closely at our model text to see what each section does. However, we’ll also think about what it might be able do better. This is so you will be able to improve on it in your own stories.


Step 1: Re-read our model text. (It is attached below.)



Step 2: Go through the PowerPoint presentation to find out about the key features of the model text.  (The model text is in yellow and my notes are in black.


Step 3: Choose your challenge choice from the list below!

Today we have looked at what each paragraph of the model text does, now it is time to explore some of the skills used to do this. 


Your Challenge Choices:


Hot & Spicy: Using the Hot & Spicy PDF below, read through our model text and with different colours highlight the following:

  • Explanation marks
  • Question marks
  • Ellipsis
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Similes


Mega Hot: For this task you will need to look closely at our model text (attached below) and see if you can find and copy examples of specific punctuation, words and skills. Use the Mega Hot and Are You Nuts?! PDF below and fill in the grid.


Are You Nuts?!: This task is similar to Mega Hot with some extra punctuation, words and skills to find. Use the same PDF.