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Today for your English work I would like you to think about the Mr Bunting story we started this half term. I have attached it below for you to read or someone to read to you. Next week I am going to set you some activities to do with the story so like we do in school it would be a good idea to have a read of it every day and try and recall it using our drama and actions if you can.


For today, I have attached a ‘exclamation mark lesson’ for you to work your way through. We have touched on these before talking about when we might use them for shouting, excitement, surprise etc. We know we only need the explanation mark to end the sentence not a full stop as well! Work your way through the PowerPoint and then try and write some sentences which would need an exclamation mark at the end. Please remember your capital letter at the start, fingers spaces and to use your phonics to help sound out the words. You can write these into your green distance learning books or on paper. It is best to write out as much as you can rather than typing as it is a great way to work on your handwriting skills too! 

Hot & Spicy: 1 phase and 1 sentence or more
Mega Hot: 3 Sentences or more

Are You Nuts: 5 Sentences or more


Finally, everyday at 3pm the author James Mayhew is doing a story time at home time session. Some days he will read stories, do drama, complete illustrations amongst other things! This is the link to the trailer: