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Yesterday you invented a magical world for your adventure, today we need to spend a little time creating a hero!


Our hero is in Year One at the magical school of Great Mythenden, this means that they have a magical or super power! This power is going to be an important part of your story, it will help your hero get out of trouble and rescue the magical orange stone. In our model text they could fly… you can stick with the same super power or you can change it. But choosing a magical power can be tricky… If we were in school we would BRAINSTORM sharing all our ideas and I am sure you would come up with more ideas than I could! You may have a magical power in your head already but if you are not sure one way to choose a power is to roll a dice! First, if you roll two dice (or one dice twice), then use the number you roll to find your superpower on the table attached. If you don’t like the superpower you land on, then roll again!

If you don’t have dice at home (or if it is difficult to find them) then you can use this website instead


Next, we need to plan our hero. One of the problems with the model text was that it didn’t really introduce the hero very well. We’re are going to do a better job by planning our heroes a little bit better! Your next job is to fill in the fact file and draw a picture of your character. You could base the hero on yourself or one of your friends or take inspiration from a fictional child hero, like Harry Potter or Sophie from the BFG.


Now that you have a better idea of who your character is we can put them into the story. They have just stepped through the setting into the magical orange world you described yesterday. They are going to introduce themselves to the reader, and then they might need to use their powers straight away to help them in the strange new world.

Open up the ‘Character Planning Grid’ below and using my examples have a go at filling the blank one out for your character. Then as you will see I have turned the ideas I had into the grid into sentences (a paragraph) about my character… this is just an idea and yours maybe longer or shorter, I do not mind.


Hot & Spicy – Use and write on the writing frame to record your ideas (‘Hero Writing Frame’).

Mega Hot – Use the writing frame for ideas and then record your sentences on to blank paper.

Are You Nuts – Use the writing frame and the ideas below to help but write your paragraph however you want using different sentence starters and try and include some adjectives and similes.


Be sure to remember your punctuation and to make the writing exciting for the reader! I have also attached our 1BR Sentence Checklist to remind you!