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Over the last two days you have created a setting and a hero for your story, so you’re ready to plan the rest of your epic adventure! So, now we are going to go back to our boxing up concept and use some prompt questions to help us me decide how the rest of your story is going to go. Open the ‘Planning Grid Example and Blank Grid’ document and there you will find how we broke the story down before. You will see how the model text was broken down into paragraphs and then some prompt questions for you to think about for your new version. The first two paragraphs you have already done! So, look at the example and then have a go at filling in the blank grid with your ideas.


Once you have done that you can now take the ideas from the grid to write the final three paragraphs out in full sentences using the model text to guide you. This is just a draft as tomorrow you will have a chance to edit your work like we have done previously. So, do not worry if its not perfect or you do not finish as you will have time tomorrow.