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Today it is time for you to finish writing your story – to publish your final version. You started it at the beginning of the week, you’ve planned it and edited it and now it’s time to sit down relax and take your time to complete it writing it all out again.


Often in school we put on peaceful music in the background, some authors find this really helps. Or take a movement break after each paragraph, or break up the writing by doing other work in between each chunk of writing. When it comes to a big writing mission like this, take your time.


You could write out your story on a piece of paper or typed up on computer. You could illustrate it with pictures of the most exciting parts. Remember to use you plans to help you and of course try with your presentation to make it your best writing! I look forward to reading them!


An Extra Challenge for Half Term (completely optional)

As you have all probably noticed, the model text and your version of it doesn’t cover the part of the story where the hero actually gets the gem/stone, or how they get back to Great Mythenden! If you want to finish the story then how you do so is completely up to you! Maybe the hero tricks the monster, or befriends it? Maybe the hero’s super power helps in a surprising way! It is entirely up to you if you want to finish the tale of Great Mythenden.


Have fun with it and of course if you do tackle this extra challenge be sure to share it with your teacher. Or if you just want to read a finished version of the story…. Mr White in Year 3 has had a great week writing his version of the story about capturing the green gem stone… Take a look if you wish!