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Story Writing- Portal Stories


This week is all about you writing the end to the story we introduced last week- The Secret of Great Mythenden. (I have attached it below if you need to remind yourself of the story.)


We will use our Year 2 Model Text for support. Your task is to re-write this section with your own setting, character and superpower! We’re going to do this in a few steps. We will start by creating a setting and a hero and then it will be over to you to finish planning and then writing your own end to the story. So first up, time for a magical world!


MONDAY: Paragraph 1- The magical world through the portal

So if each year group needs to find a different coloured magical stone, then Year 2’s job will be to find the yellow stone! So let’s look at a yellow world for a yellow stone! Below are lots of pictures of yellow worlds or landscapes that might be through the portal. (They are attached in a PDF below.) This setting is where your adventure will take place, so it is important that is designed by you.





Step 1: Your first task is to use these pictures and your wonderful imagination to inspire you to decide what the yellow magical world will look like in your story. You may choose to stick with the beach (like our model text), or you may choose to change it.


Step 2: Once you’ve decided on your setting it's time to plan your paragraph. I’m going to use a planning grid to think about the different sentences I want to include in the paragraph. I’ve filled this one in with my ideas in yellow, there is a blank one below for you to use.



Now I have my notes, I can change them into a first draft of this paragraph. I want to include a range of skills, so I’ll use these Steps to Success to help me:


Hot and Spicy: Use adjectives 

Mega Hot: Use similes

Are You Nut?!: Use personification


Useful Prepositions:

Nearby ________

Surrounding me __________

In the distance ____________

Far away _____________

Above me ______________

Beneath my feet _________________


Step 3: Finally, using the ideas you have come up with in the grid, I would like you to write your setting paragraph. Remember a paragraph is just a section of writing with several sentences in. Attached below is a writing frame if you would like to use it.


Your Challenge Choices:

Hot & Spicy: Record your ideas on the writing frame

Mega Hot: Use the sentence starters on the writing frame for support and then record your sentences in your Distance Learning book.

Are You Nuts?!: Using your planning grid for support, write your paragraph however you want using a range of sentence starters starters and prepositions.


Have fun creating your magical, mystical settings.

Tomorrow we’ll work on describing your story’s hero!