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THURSDAY : To edit and improve your draft.

Yesterday you planned a story. Today’s mission is to edit and improve your work and of course to keep planning your story if you didn’t have time to finish it yesterday.


When we edit and improve, we’re keeping an eye out for three things:


This means correcting any missing punctuation, missing words and misspellings.



This means changing any words or sentences that are not clear, don’t make sense or are a bit repetitive.



This means adding extra words and/or sentences to improve your writing. This could be a single extra adjective or adverb that adds much needed detail. Or, in a story, an extra sentence that helps add to the atmosphere or change the action.


I would like you to check your first draft from yesterday and make it even better.


Like we do in school, you could use a purple pen (or any colour pen or pencil!) to show where you have made corrections, changes and added detail.


The Steps to Success below might be useful to push your work up to the next level.



I look forward to seeing your new and improved story!