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Today and for the rest of the week we are going to be looking at a story called ‘Bubble Trouble’ by Margaret Mahy. You might have heard on the TV or from your family taking about social bubbles and have personal space bubbles. We will look more into this in our PHSE lessons.


But for today in English I have linked that idea to the story. We are not going to read the book today, we are just going to look at the front cover. Open the ‘Story Cover’ document below. You What things do books have on the front and back cover? Recap with the children the title, pictures, author, illustrator and then on the back you will find the blurb. What do all these things do and tell us?


We can get a lot of information from just looking at the covers before even reading it. So today we (without actually reading the blurb) are going to make some predictions. We have talked about this word before in English and in Maths and Science. We are going to be making a guess about what we think the story will be about and what might happen. The only clue is the title, the picture on the cover and the first line of the book which is… ‘Little Mabel blew a bubble, and it caused a lot of trouble…’ It is up to you how you record your predictions.


You might want to write in sentences, you might want to brainstorm/mindmap your ideas or draw some pictures and label them. Start with the dotty date at the top 3.6.20 and write the title ‘My Story Prediction’. Then off you go!