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After drawing yourselves yesterday in your own bubble, today you are going to be doing a little bit of creative writing. I want you to write me a mini story about your ‘bubble trouble’.


Listen to the story again first:


Then you are going to write a mini story. Try and remember all the skills about story writing we have been learning this year, use the ‘Bubble Trouble’ story as a guide and then remember things like describing the setting, the character description (you this time) and making use of different words like adjectives and verbs which will make it exciting for the reader! Things to think about; How did you get into the bubble? Where do you go? What will happen, how will it end and how will you get out of the bubble! Feel free to be as imaginative as you want! Remember our sentence checklist and using your phonics to help you spell the words. Again, start with the dotty date 5.6.20 and the title ‘My Bubble Trouble Story’. Then off you go!