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Explanation Texts!


Over the next two weeks, our new unit of work will be on Explanation Texts! The ability to explain why something happens is a really important life skill. A hugely important part of growing up is asking ‘Why’ questions and finding out the answers!


TUESDAY: The Why game!

We’ll start off our work on this genre by playing a game! Children are quite famous for asking ‘Why’ a lot, but in this game it is up to you to find the answers!


Watch the clip below to see how some of the teachers got on with their own ‘Why’ game!


Well hopefully that gives you the idea! Your answers to the Why questions don’t need to be sensible, they can be really silly! There are lots of Why questions below and your job is to choose some and come up with the craziest answers you can!


Your Challenge Choices:

Hot and Spicy: Answer 3 of the Why? questions.

Mega Hot: Answer 4 of the Why? questions.

Are You Nuts?!: Answer 5 of the Why? questions.


You can use the worksheet attached below if you would like to or you can just write straight into your Distance Learning book. It is important that you copy out the question too so I can see which question you’ve answered so crazily.


This could be a good game to play with your family! See who comes up with the funniest answer!


The WHY??? Game

Choose your favourite questions below and answer them! Your answers can be sensible or silly or a mixture!


  • Why is a sausage in a bun called a hot dog?
  • Why does a camel have a hump?
  • Why do I yawn when I’m sleepy?
  • Why do ants always turn up for picnics when they haven’t been invited?
  • Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?
  • Why do squirrels have such big bushy tails?
  • Why are bananas curved?
  • Why has my snowman disappeared?
  • Why do onions make you cry?
  • Why do I stop growing?
  • Why do men grow beards?
  • Why do my hands get warm when I rub them together?
  • Why do pandas think that black and white is good camouflage?
  • Why is there no colour brown in the rainbow?
  • Why do computers have mice, but mice don’t have computers?
  • Why do bees make honey- wasps don’t make jam?
  • Why is my dog allowed to eat more biscuits than me?
  • Why are gummy sweets often shaped like bears?
  • Why doesn’t chocolate count as a fruit when it grows on trees?
  • Why can birds sing, but badgers can’t dance?
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?