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Explanation Texts!


Explanation texts can seem tricky to both children and teachers because they can be confused with other types of writing. It may seem obvious that explanation texts are all about ‘explaining’ how something works, but sometimes explaining how something happens can become confused with giving instructions about how to do something. Or explaining how something works can get a bit muddled with giving information about something.


These are three different types of writing:


Explanation Texts: Explaining how something works or why something happens. You could explain the life cycle of a butterfly or explain why washing your hands is important.


Instruction Texts: These give you step by step instructions telling you how to actually do something. They could be instructions on how to look after butterflies or how to wash your hands.


Information Texts (which we often call non-chronological reports): These give you information about a topic. They can include some explanations, but will usually give a wider range of information. A fact book about butterflies might contain an explanation about the butterflies life cycle, but will contain lots of other facts too.


So Explanations Texts are tricky, but really important for both children and grown ups. We need to be able to explain lots of different things; explain what we believe in RE, explain how we worked something out in Maths, explain why one thing leads to another in History or Geography, explain how something works in DT. Explanations are hugely important!


WEDNESDAY: To answer questions about a text.

Today's task is a reading comprehension activity. I have found four different Explanation Texts for you to read and then answer questions about. Remember to read the text through carefully before starting to look at the questions.


Your Challenge Choices:

Hot and Spicy: Read How do seeds grow? and answer the 8 questions. 

Mega Hot: Read How does a chicken hatch? and answer the 10 questions.

Are You Nuts?!: Read How do tadpoles grow? and answer the 10 questions.

Extension: Read What are cyclones? and answer the 12 questions.