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Ask the children again about the story… What was the main structure, what pattern did the story follow? How do they open the difference sentences? Get them to identify that the days of the week were used to keep the story flowing and then ask them what the Pirate did on each day. The days of the week element is an important part of the story and we need to know how to spell these words ready for year two. So that is what we are working on today! 


First listen to this days of the week song to remind us the order:


Then talk to them about spelling patterns and get them to write the days on their whiteboards. Address misconceptions and see if they can practice without looking!


Activity: Then they can complete the AYN or H&S Days of the week activity sheet.


H&S: Copy and correctly spell the days of the week in order following the sheet.

AYN: Children will have to read the sentence and write the days of the week in the correct places.