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This week we are going to be thinking about a type of writing that we have done a few times now. We do it lots when we record what we have done on a holiday or a weekend.  We did one when we came back from our cinema and bakery trip – A RECOUNT. This is a piece of factual writing which tells the reader what you have done in the correct order. This week we are going to have a go at pretending we are a pirate and writing a recount of what ‘a day in the life of a pirate’ might be like. Firstly, a nice simple piece of writing today recounting your weekend. I want you to think of three things you did and then record them. These need to be written in the order you have done them and trying to make it sound exciting for the reader (even if it wasn’t!)


Open ‘Mrs BRs Weekend’ and have a read of mine first to give you an example.


Activity: Write the dotty date at the top of your page, 15.06.20 and the title: ‘My Weekend’ then off you go!