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Today we are going to start the lesson by watching this clip by Michael Rosen (We are going on a Bear Hunt author). He is going to tell us how he writes recounts and give us some tips for the week:


So, what things did he say were important? Discuss the following: Think about the daily timeline of the writer, chronological order, it needs a beginning middle and end, use emotive words and time connectives.


Now we need to start planning our recount as if we were a pirate! Who can remember the types of things pirates get up to, think about out Topic lesson last week and Captain Planks Adventure story which might help give you some ideas. What things might you want to write about?


Today we are going to do something we used to love when we were all together at school. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is tricky and to help us we used the concept of hot seating. First let’s have a practise asking each other some questions as us. Ask questions to find out what they get up to at the weekends. What do they enjoy doing? Do they have any chores to do like walking the dog? Repeat this with a few children. Children bring their own ‘hot seat’ up to the front when they are being questioned!


Activity: Now let’s try getting into role as ‘The Pirate’. Give yourself a pirate name ready for when you are on the hot seat. This time when you bring your hot seat to the front, you are not you, you are a pirate! The rest of the class can ask questions about what you do and how you feel being a pirate – use your imagination and have some fun!


If you are at home you could do this with a sibling or a parent and swap to get them to be the pirate as well!