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I loved the hot seating activity yesterday, we always have fun with that! So now we have some good ideas about what pirates might get up to we are going to have a planning session. We are going to use the template provided to make sure we have everything we need ready to write the recount tomorrow. We need to know the name of our pirate and what he would get up to for a day! Like Michael Rosen suggested, having three things to write about will make it interesting for the reader. So, we are going to use the morning, afternoon and evening to structure our recount and think of three different things a pirate would do that those times. Use your imagination.


Activity: Today we are going to think about three things that we are going to include in our pirate recount. Open the ‘Pirate Recount Planning Sheet’ and use your knowledge of pirates, ideas from yesterday’s hot seating and your imagination to put yourself in the pirate’s shoes and write about what you might get up to! When recording your ideas think of words to make it ‘real’ for the reader and interesting. Not only saying what you did but how it made you feel. For example, not just ‘in the afternoon I scrubbed the decks’ you could say ‘in the afternoon’s hot sun I had to spend three hours mopping the dirty deck’.