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Super planning yesterday, now like Michael Rosen said, we can now use these plans to write our recount but we can change and add bits where you think you could improve.


Remember, when we write recount we do it in the past tense, like it has already happened and you are the author pretending to be the pirate. So, when you say I, you mean your pirate self! Record your recount using our 1BR writing checklist and try and make it exciting and interesting for the reader. If you said you went fishing, how long did it take? How many fish did you catch, was it smelly!? Give me lots of information so it feels like I am a pirate to!


Activity: Write your pirate recount in your books using your plan from yesterday. Use the ideas and adapt and change as you go if you think you can make it sound even better! Write the dotty date and the title: ‘My Pirate Recount’ and off you go!