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Today in English I want you to think back to last week at school (that feels like a long time ago now!) We started looking at story settings. We used the PowerPoint below to look at the different pictures of possible story settings. As a class we brainstormed some fantastic words and phrases about the settings on large flip chart sheets that are now hanging up in our classroom!


Can you please choose a picture from one of these slides and write me a detailed description of what it would be like to be there? Remember to use adjectives, punctuation, finger spaces phonics to sound out the words and try and use all your senses to describe what it would be like to be there.


H&S: At least 1 sentence.

MH: At least 3 descriptive sentences.

AYN: At least 4 descriptive sentences linking the adjectives with ‘and’.


Both the attachments are the same but I think some people were struggling to download one! Let me know if there are any problems.