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Explanation Texts!


FRIDAY: To write an Explanation Text.

All this week you have researched, planned, drafted and edited an Explanation Text about dinosaurs. Today it is time to neatly write up your explanation text explaining why they  became extinct.


Remember to use the ‘sentence signposts’ to help organise your ideas. They help to link paragraphs and ideas together and they sound very posh, professional and formal.


Here they are:


Useful ‘sentence signposts’

         This allows …            Scientists believe ….     


    It was because of this that …


      This enabled …                 Unfortunately, this lead to … 


 Experts believe …           As a result of this …           This meant … 


    It is a well-known fact that …              Tragically this caused …



Often in school we put on peaceful music in the background; some authors find this really helps. Or take a movement break after each paragraph, or break up the writing by doing other work in between each chunk of writing. When it comes to a big writing mission like this, take your time.


Your Explanation Text could be written in your Distance Learning book, on a piece of paper or typed up on computer. You could add a useful picture (with a caption explaining what it shows) or even cut and paste a picture of a dinosaur.


Remember to use your research notes and your edited draft to help you and of course make an effort with your presentation.


I’ve included below the Steps to Success to help you include all your skills!



Once you have written out your Explanation Text, I would like you to self-assess your writing and tick off the skills you feel you used. I have attached a copy of this below.


I cannot wait to read your finished work!  🦕🦖