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Yesterday we began to think about wishing stories by making our own wishes! Today we’re going to look at a new model text for a wishing story. We might not end up writing the whole story like normal as next week is all change with some days in school and some days not, so we will play it by ear and see how we get on! Today let’s read our new model text!


Activity: Now you know the drill. Today we are going to come up with actions and pictures to help us remember the text. As always this can be an in-depth or brief as you want/have time for. Re-read the text as you create both the actions and some pictures to go with the sentences. Record these pictures in your books/paper, write the dotty date and the title ‘Wishes Story Map’.


[A note to Mums and Dads and other home learning superstars. The point of using these ‘model texts’ is to give the children a good example of a text, so they have a pattern to copy for their own work. This is quite a long model text so it might suit some children just to read through thoroughly and make up actions rather than worry about spending a long-time creating lots of icons. Other children might enjoy the artwork, you could maybe just draw out one of the paragraphs it’s up to you! The important thing is that they get a feel for this type of writing and what it does.]