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Today we are going to ‘Read as a Writer,’ which means we’re going to look closely at our model text to see what each section does, however we’ll also think about what it might be able do better. This is so you will be able to improve on it in your own stories. Open the ‘Reading as a Writer’ document. The model text is in black and my notes are in green. Have a look through the paragraphs and then boxing up/improvement table and discuss.


Now you have looked at what each paragraph of our model text does, now it is time to explore some of the skills used within in. We have done this lots of times before, thinking about the punctuation, word choices used and how the writer tries to make it exciting for the reader. For example, similes, alliteration, explanation marks etc.


Activity: H&S fill out the first section of the table and questions and MH I would like you to complete both the H&S and the MH sections of the table trying to find key features of the text.