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Today we need to plan which ‘chore’ the main character has put off doing. This job will be what effects his wish and all the craziness that comes after. Today’s task is to is to come up with a boring activity and then the crazy way the wish goes wrong! Our boring chore that is going to go wrong is… hoovering!


As we said earlier this week, this is about the wish being used wrong and the magic going haywire-what is going to happen in reaction? There are some YouTube clips below to check out for some ideas, these two videos which are excellent examples of magic getting out of control…


Now for our ‘boring chore’ watch this to give you some ideas! What if the dust came to life whilst you were hoovering?!


Activity: Now we are going to make notes for our chore and how it goes wrong. You can write a few words or use pictures. At school we are going to be coming up with some ideas together so feel free to take ideas from your family if you are doing this at home.


Box A: The chore (hoovering)
Box B: How does the chore go wrong?
Box C: How is it fixed? (regardless of how the chore goes crazy, it can be solved with a simple- the creature clicked their fingers and, in a flash, everything was back to normal!)