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Yesterday you created a great opening paragraph, full of brilliant description of a familiar place in your home!

Now, today we are going to create and describe an exciting character that will emerge from the suspicious area in your room, somehow… This is going to be a small animal or creature, that you’d expect to see in the house. Like the hedgehog from our model text. Perhaps the only thing different about it is the fact it can speak! Maybe a squirrel, mouse, bat, hedgehog, rabbit, bird etc.


Once you have chosen which one you need to plan the magical wish granting creature!


We want to describe them really clearly, giving them lots of detail and interesting features, to make them seem magical compared to the average animal they normally are! First, we are going to need a drawing or photographic evidence, then some more information about them! Open the ‘My Magical Creature’ document and complete.


Now that we know so much about your new, magical character, we can put them into the story! Open the ‘Character Description Ideas’ document and have a look at the example and then fill in your own ideas about how you will meet this magical creature!


Finally, you will be writing your second paragraph using what you have just planned to help you.