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Today and tomorrow we are going to do a quick progress activity to see how good you are at remembering some of the skills we have learnt this year. Today we are starting with a punctuation and grammar one and tomorrow the comprehension activity. Both of these we sometimes struggle with – not because you don’t know the answers but in these more ‘formal assessments’ sometime we make silly mistakes by not really reading the questions. So, it’s good we keep practising them as you will have to do lots more like this #in year 2 and as you go higher up the school. For this activity teachers/parents can read the questions out loud and then the children need to answer independently.


Activity: Open the ‘English Grammar and Punctuation Test’ activity and work your way through the questions with no help from anyone. Remember to use your growth mindset and just try your best! The answers are included at the end of the questions. Go through them together so they can see if and where they made any mistakes.


Extension: Complete the ‘Fill the Alphabet’ sheet. Practising your capital letter formation fill in the gaps to complete the alphabet.