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Fab work yesterday guys. Now for a comprehension activity. Remember, some of you find these tricky. But all the answers you need are in the text, you just have to read it slowly and take it in.


Watch this clip to help you:


 For this one you have to read the passages yourselves and then answer the questions. The teacher/parent can read the questions but give them no help with the reading part. The mark scheme is also attached so you can go through the answers at the end.


Activity: Open the ‘Twinkle Star Reading Comprehension’ activity and work your way through the questions with no help from anyone – not even to read the paragraphs. You read the text and then once you have heard the question you need to record your answer, you can always re-read the text again if you need to. Remember to use your growth mindset and just try your best! If you really do not know the answer then just leave it blank and we can go through it at the end modelling how to find the answers.


Plenary: Watch this story by Oliver Jeffers called ‘How to Catch a Star’