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A nice easy Friday session today… We are all feeling the end of term is getting closer so let’s watch the story by Oliver Jeffers called ‘How to Catch a Star’ again first. Listen carefully and try and remember your favourite parts as after our activity is going to be to write a book review.


Once you have listened to the story again discuss the book. Who were the characters, what happened and what bits did you like or not etc. Now I would like you to create a book review using the template provided below. We have done this a couple of times now so you know what to do! Remember the reason why we might write a book review and why people might read them so make them informative and easy to read.


Activity: Open up the ‘How to Catch a Star Book review’ document below and write your reviews.


AYN Bonus Activity: In English before we have talked about the blurbs on the backs of books. We know they are to give a summary of what the book is about. For your AYNs challenge I would like you to have a go at writing the blurb for this book! Remember it’s a fine line between giving clues about the story but not giving it all away!


Extension: As a fun end to the week you guys loved making your own stories up using the following websites at the start of our distance learning so if you want to have another play using your imagination, go for it! Be as funny and creative as you can!

Game 1:

Game 2: